Rajinikanth in Baasha 2 under Sathya movies production

One of the major milestones in the cinema career of Super Star Rajinikanth was ‘Baasha’. ‘Baasha’ created records in the box office and was a major film which gave Rajinikanth the edge to enter politics. The ‘Basha’ team is now getting ready to produce ‘Baasha 2’, the reason for this is Rajinikanth only.

Rajinikanth recently took part in the R.M.Veerapans family marriage function. While speaking on the occasion, “Many have earned profit from my films, some have incurred loss. One among them is R.M.V. Films like ‘Baasha’ can be produced only by R.M.V”. R.M.V made use of the opportunity and iss now busy with the works for producing ‘Basha 2’.

News come out that, Rajinikanth’s next flick after ‘Endhiran’ is under the production of Sathya Movies. R.M.V is getting ready for the works for the film.

The story for the film ‘Baasha 2’ is under discussion. The film will come under new title and new story. We have to wait for the news to get confirmed.



  1. Anonymous

    Baasha is Rajini's ever green hit…

    I have watched it more than 50 times..Rajini was so stylish in the movie.

    Eagerly waiting for Part 2…and Endhiran…

  2. Anonymous

    Dont u guys think he's gettin old for this kind of thing where he is acting as the hero?
    I mean 'Basha' was fantastic, it was one of my favourite films. But do u really think that 'Basha 2' would ever be as energetic as the first one?
    Its kinda weird to watch him act beside such young co-stars…
    Prime example: 'Baba'

    I have a lot of respect for rajini sir but i really do think it would be better if he played roles that suited more his age.

  3. Anonymous

    damn good actor but that person is right, he cant dance and move around as he used to but im gonna seeing his films anyway, superstar rockzz

  4. Anonymous

    damn good actor but that person is right though, he cant dance or move about as he used to but im seeing his films anyway, superstar rockzz!

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