rajini sad

Rajini unhappy with the scripting of Kochadaiyaan?

rajini sad

Even as superstar Rajinikanth’s millions of fans want him back in action on big screen albeit in an animation film in the form of his upcoming venture Kochadaiyaan, there is a disturbing report which says that the ‘man of the masses’ is not so happy with the way the film has been scripted.

So many news items are emanating from the press everyday about Rajini and it’s highly confusing as to which ones to be relied upon and which ones to be neglected. As reported earlier, Rajini’s Kochadaiyaan would be made using the ‘motion capture technology’ on the lines of Hollywood films like Avatar. Deepika Padukone, who was signed up as Rajini’s heroine in the abandoned Rana, has been paired up opposite him in Kochadaiyaan.

The film also marks the directorial debut of Soundarya, Rajini’s younger daughter. Rajini, however, is said to be favouring a ‘real film’ than an animated version. However, Riyaz, the family PRO of Rajini, has denied such reports. In a statement, Riyaz has said that it’s far from the truth to say that Rajini Sir was ‘unhappy’ with the way Kochadaiyaan has been planned.

“We are all set to get rolling from 15th March onwards to start the film’s shoot. Only when the shooting commences, all these rumours would be scotched,” Riyaz says.


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