Rajini to start shooting for Rana by August


In what could be great news for millions of fans of Rajini and his well-wishers, reports emanating from Singapore say that superstar Rajinikanth might start shooting for his upcoming film ‘Rana’ by end-August or early September, depending on how fast he recuperates from the illness which had made him bed-ridden for the past four weeks.

Rajini is presently recuperating at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. Though no official briefing has been done by the hospital, sources close to the family of superstar say that he has started going for his ‘morning walk’ inside the huge premises in which the hospital is situated. The dialysis process which had been performed on him many times in the recent past is also stopped now as he has made good progress, the sources add.

Ironically, Rajini fell ill on the very day ‘Rana’ was launched in Chennai on 29th April. The star shot for some sequences during the day time and by evening, he had to be rushed to a Chennai hospital. The functioning of his kidneys have now become ‘normal’, thereby averting the possibility that the superstar might be operated upon as part of the treatment.

Rajini would be discharged in a week’s time, it is said. The star would, however, continue to stay in Singapore for a month or so by taking complete rest and recharging his energy. After his return to Chennai in end-July or August, Rajini might start shooting by end-August or early September, it is reliably learnt.

Isn’t it great news for all of us?



  1. Daridram

    Sad News!!!! Again he is coming back into industry, without living others to survive in d Industry…Selfish Fellow!!!!!!!!

  2. usha

    wat u say doesnt make sense.. do u resign ur job bcos u wan another young fellow to take over? obviously not rite? it’s the same for him as well.. cinema is jus his profession.. he will resign when he wants to.. not when u want him to!! if 10% of indian population wants him to stop acting, 90% of us want him to continue entertain us.. like wat they say, majority wins!! 🙂

  3. cyrusdass

    Thats the truth and i agree to your views my dear friend. muthukula kuththarathu ivarukku kaivantha kalai. super selfish fellow.

  4. shanthi

    Other flim actor not able to come up that is not sir mistake. the actor level is that much only. Don’t tell anything wrong about him

  5. Aswin Ali Deinush Nonjan

    this super star bugger is gonna cheat one more in a big way, one hour of sulthan kuppai is going to make the major part of rana…ravikumar is going to shhot for only one hour movie. Biggest halwa from super thirudan…appadiye singapurlaye irunthiru…you can make more money..podan monna pu…

  6. cyrusdass

    thamby sam ivangga kuthu ellam  en kaal thusikku samam but it potrays the true state of the eccentric majority 

  7. cyrusdass

    Usha what you say does not make sense as this is not politics.Popularity is derived by market forces and i beleive you are one of the 90% of these hardcore fans but what i wanted you too ponder is that  see the rationale of the 10% and conclude where is the truth and whether idol worshipping is proper and beneficial for the long run, taking into consideration of the chaotic state of  the majority of the masses that lack financial ,mental, pysical stability.  

  8. fansrajini

    to those who felt that rajini master was a bad actor or not good in movie making please make your self ready to hang, drink roundup couse u are the rat of world of cinema. the actor is not bloom by father, uncle or moms support, he work very very hard from his soul to heart. thats why he can be the best of the best actor. Capesh….

  9. prabhu menon

    hes taken money for the film and his daughter has spent it buying some big property.. he has to act and the people have to watch it.. no othe go..

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