Rajini Unseen Pic

Rajini to star in Bollywood’s Oh My God Tamil remake

Rajini Unseen Pic

A strong rumour about superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘new film’ has been doing rounds in Kollywood circles for the past few days but is yet to be confirmed by any of those concerned. It is said that before his Kochadaiyan releases on 12-12-12 this year, Rajini might commit himself to playing the lead role in the Tamil remake of the Bollywood film Oh My God (OMG).

As already reported, Kochadaiyaan, the country is first 3-D film in animation, is all set to hit the screens o the auspicious day of 12-12-12 which coincides with the 62nd birthday of Rajinikanth. Rajini has, as of now, not committed himself to any other projects. In this backdrop, it is said that he might consider playing the lead role in the yet-to-be-titled Tamil remake of OMG.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who has produced OMG, is said to be very keen in casting Rajini in the lead for the Tamil version. The script of OMG is about its protagonist who loses all his property in a natural calamity and starts losing his faith in the Almighty. To vent his anger on God, he starts ‘attacking’ the priests, whom he thinks are messengers of God till the God Himself visits him one day.

Keeping in mind how religious Rajini is, it remains to be seen whether he is willing to take on the role of an atheist. However, Akshay is said to be very particular that Rajini star in the film so that the ultimate ‘message’ conveyed in the film reaches people from all walks of life.

It’s also yet to be decided whether the ‘item number’ by Prbahudeva and hottie Sonakshi Sinha, which was a major draw in the Hindi version, is repeated in the Tamil version as and when it is made!



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