Rajini to star alongside 7 heroines in Rana


Superstar Rajinikanth would have as many as 7 heroines, three of them opposite him, in his upcoming film ‘Rana’, it was revealed. Director K.S. Ravikumar, who last directed Rajini in the 1999 superhit film ‘Padaiyappa’, would be directing the superstar for the third time in ‘Rana’. ‘Muthu’, which released in the mid-nineties, is the first film that brought the two together.

During an informal chat with journalists, Ravikumar said that there have been quite a lot of stuff written in the press about the film though most of them were far from the truth. “Some vested interests have been spreading rumours that the animation film Sultan: The Warrior is being transformed to ‘Rana’. This is not true at all.

“Some time back, Rajini Sir narrated a script to me which was very compelling. I developed on it and the theme of ‘Rana’ was borne. ‘Sultan’ is directed by Soundarya and she is also providing the technical inputs for the graphic sequences in ‘Raana’. We neither spoke to Bollywood’s Rekha nor did she refuse to be part of the film.

“We didn’t talk to Asin either. We have been talking to many other heroines to star in this period-type film and would zero in on 7 heroines finally. Except Deepika Padukone, none of the other heroines is finalized as yet. I spoke to Vidya Balan but haven’t yet decided about casting her in the film.

“This is my third film with Rajini sir and the budget of the film is expected to cross Rs.100 crores. The shooting is likely to start either from mid-April or early May in London,” concludes Ravikumar.



  1. Pechamuka

    Rajni doesn’t have better work to do, cant he act with wife or what? why he needs 7 heroines for his next film all bull shit to attract girls………

  2. stanly

    there is no need 4 so many heroins……………….after enthiran his flags r flying very high..thats y is doing over build ups..like this………his movie does not have any social messages like kamals unnai pol oruvan,indian etc………rajni only acts in comercial movie..just 4earning money

  3. A

    dai all are acting in movies for just earning money . . . if u get a chance to act then u will also do the same. . . JUST WATCH MOVIE . . ENJOY FOR 2 hours  . . .then forget it . . . Its their business .. .

  4. samar

    yes after unnai pol oruvan there is no terrorism allover the world, bin laden surrendered at local police station and after Indian movie there is no bribery in the world.

  5. bebo

    after Mannan,badsha,mutthu,arunchalam…..till endhiran.. Rajini act only in commercial movies where he acts only one for a year earns 15 times the pay of the present heros who act 5 movies a year after chaning getup looks which Rajini has nt been demanded by his fans or non-fans also. So we cant search for msg in his movie moreover we get to watch the visual treat if it is shankar movie else jus watch Rajini n come home.. but definetly will be an entertainer n gud time pass with family to watch..

  6. Aravind

    Its a very sad truth that Rajini had spoiled generations in the name of style……that cigarrate catching mannerism….knowing or unknowingly he had helped the cigratte companies to prosper in the expense of his fans money and health…..so sad…………till now people dont realize it……….

  7. owl

    he is doing such because in everyones eyes people still belives its rajini. just show his latest movie to someone who never know who rajini is (old rajini) they will laugh through their ass seeing this painted baffoon

  8. bebo

    hey rhombha bayama irrukkhu.. ippadiellam bayam murthatha.. loosa da nee.. periya punch dialogue adikira..ithu than nadakkum nu.. nowadays wen actors themselves speak punch dialogue ervy one ROFL…nee vera.. seriyana comedy piece ..

  9. killadi

    y cnt they make a low budget movie with rajini man? always over da top. they cover his face with too much make up.

  10. Pechamuka

    wat acting da loose, u know while shooting where n all rajni will touch to actresses, dont u think it is cheating like her wife, He has taken 7 Heroines for his next movie because he wants to satisfy his thrist and moreover he is worried about future because he is becoming old so till the time he has his power he wants to utilise all tamil actresses…shut ur mouth now…

  11. Pechamuka


    My rani u r, i liked ur comments, u made me happy after somany days bey reading ur comments….

  12. rajini tevidiya maven

    rajini ore kelete tevidiya pundek….ande kelevanakke young heroines kudhe nadikke aasai yo….poi mayire pudungge solle….at age 61..stil wanna act as a hero…asshole…

  13. Urvashi

    I want to hyptonize Rajinikanth and find out how many women he slept with, in his life so far. Imagine the wear & tear of his dick! It will be like an alinja banana.

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