Rajini showing good progress

Rajini in hospital

Superstar Rajinikanth is said have made considerable progress in the last 2-3 days and is said to be on the fast road to recovery. He has been shifted out of the Intensive Care Unit and into a normal room today. A press release from the Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre said the iconic actor had been shifted out of the ICU around 7 pm on Sunday. The actor has been getting treatment for his many illnesses at the SRMC hospital at Porur, Chennai for the past ten days. Rajini’s millions of fans the world over have been praying to the Almighty for their star’s early recovery.

Presently, Rajini is getting treated as per instructions from a team of doctors from America via video-conferencing. In order to negate the possibility of infection, no visitor is allowed by the hospital to call on Rajini.

Rajini is said to have made some ‘good progress’ after the dialysis treatment. Except for Latha Rajinikanth, no other visitor or relative is allowed into the ward to meet and talk to Rajinikanth. When nurses came to assist him to sit up in the bed, Rajini is said to have asked for the assistance of male nurses instead of female nurses as he felt a bit ‘awkward’.

If need be, the American doctors who have been offering their assistance from the U.S. might be called to come to Chennai either today or tomorrow, it is reported.


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