Rajini on Twitter

Rajini on TwitterThe latest buzz making rounds in tinsel town is that Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan is trying to make Superstar Rajinikanth to air his thoughts, tweeting on the social networking micro-blogging site Twitter.

After successfully bringing in Malayalam superstar Mohan Lal (with whom he is sharing screen space in Major Ravi’s Kandahar) and Aamir Khan, into joining the twitterati gang, Big B is now trying to influence his close buddy Rajinikanth into doing likewise.

Thiw was  Big B’s recent tweet— “So Aamir starts tomorrow on the ID @aamir_khan. Mohanlal — I am yet to find out. Now the micro-blogging brigade wants me to influence Rajinikant to come on the site !! And some smarties think that I canvas for the brand ambassadorship of this crazy social network. Ha ha !! Fun becoming.”

In the meantime, those who know the Superstar say that Rajini is a private person who would never want to divulge his whereabouts and movements in a public domain.

AB also tweeted recently that his bahu Aishwarya was in awe of working with Rajinikanth and narrated her experiences with him. “Aishwarya was shooting with him in Chennai in the morning and just returned, filled with wonderful stories of her interactions with ‘Rajini Uncle’!”

And when Big B convinces him to get a life on social networking sites, be sure that Rajini will get so many hits that his site may need 24×7 maintenance.

Who knows? Maybe like director Shankar, who kept us posted on Endhiran, Rajini may tell us what it was like filming with ‘Endhiram’ Team.



  1. Anonymous

    superstar rajini sir dont like this . he always keep away from this, basically he always aviod these kind of stuffs

  2. Anonymous

    super star rajini sir has to come like this stuff, boss always be like a bosssss…….. plz boss start….

  3. Anonymous

    hi super star rajini sir, relase enthiran , then sart twitter,,,,, anyway try to relase soon;;;; i want part 2 enthiran too.

  4. Anonymous

    Twitter,facebook and such other stuff like these are for new generation ppl who addicted to internet,computers and hi techs(Bantha, Scene,etc).for a person more into meditation and simpilicity,these are un necessary stuffs!any Rajini's fan knew what kinda personality is he…. 100% he avoids them!

  5. Anonymous

    Thalaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. namma vazhi thani vazhi…. dont join this n/w… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boss

  6. Anonymous

    Batcha bai… nee neeyaga iruu… intha bollywood la irunthu antha mutta(useless) payaluga sollarathu ellam kekkatha….

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