Rajini discusses sharing of property with son-in-laws Dhanush and Ashwin

Rajinikanth health Sources close to the ‘presidium’ of Rajini’s fan clubs say that the superstar is under ‘pressure’ from his own close relatives in a rather strange manner in the backdrop of the various reports emanating from the SRMC hospital, Porur (where he is presently undergoing treatment) vis-à-vis his health and the likely date of his discharge from the hospital.

It’s not confirmed but some reports claim that Rajini called his both his son-in-laws, Dhanush and Ashwin, to his hospital bed on Tuesday to discuss the ‘modalities’ of sharing his property between them. The two sons-in-law were taken aback by Rajini’s idea and said that talking about ‘sharing of property’ at this juncture would amount to providing the already ‘hungry’ media with lots of fodder. They reportedly told him to ‘feel confident’ and not to worry about any other thing.

Family sources of Rajini say that the talk of ‘sharing of property’ started way back in September during the high-profile marriage of Soundarya with Ashwin and that it was the beginning of the ‘mental’ and ‘physical stress’ that Rajini started undergoing. It is also said that Soundarya had used up the Rs.55 crores that she was given by Big Pictures to produce the animation film ‘Sultan: The Warrior’ to purchase some property in T. Nagar.

It is also claimed that Rajini launched ‘Rana’ basically to settle this particular liability of 55 crores. Soundarya is reportedly unhappy that her elder sister Aishwarya has been made a partner in the production team of ‘Rana’. More than external factors like his smoking/drinking habits, the ‘relentless pressure’ that Rajini was subjected to by his close relatives was the main cause of his present illness, it is claimed.

In a related development, it is learnt that in a day or two, video clippings showing Rajinikanth speaking and chatting with his family members from his hospital would be made available to the media in order to bring to an end the ‘unrest’ among his fans.


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