Rajini-Deepika secret photo shoot for Rana

Rajini Rana Stills

It is rumoured that newspersons and scribes have been ‘warned’ (in a friendly manner, though) by director K.S. Ravikumar that they shouldn’t be publishing or writing any news items about his upcoming film ‘Rana’ which would be starring superstar Rajinikanth in triple roles.

It could be due to this reason that news regarding the photo-shoot of ‘Rana’, presently taking place at AVM Studio in which Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone took part, has been kept under wraps. Rajini’s different looks and few romantic combo scenes of the lead pair were shot by cinematographer Randy at the specially created sets at the 11th floor of the studio.

A close studio source confirmed that a highly guarded photo shoot was carried out recently with ‘thalaivar’ rocking in fashionable costumes designed by a Mumbai based fashion designer.

Soon after the photo shoot Rajinikanth along with his entire family left for Mumbai to watch the World Cup finals cricket match scheduled for today.

Stills from the photo-shoot would be used to be printed on the invitation card to be printed for the launch of the film and for its further publicity, it is said.

Sentimentally, Ravikumar wants to keep the ‘shoot’ under wraps as when the last time he did the photo-shoot with the superstar for ‘Jaggubai’, the movie had to be abandoned later with Rajini in the lead and had to be completed replacing Rajini with Sarath Kumar.

Yeha, we do respect Ravikumar’s sentiments!



  1. fixer

    whats ur problem A$hole..she accepted the offer…whatever it maybe for money/fame…shes not a sita patni….she’ll do anything  if required…thats their wish….if u cant tolerate it, poi velakku pudi…pundai

  2. ananth:

    ada nathari naya… unparliamentary words-la thituven…. kaila kadacha nasthi ayidva.. thalaivar pathi ethavathu pesna….. 

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