Rajini compensates Dhanush loss

Rajini bails out Dhanush from the no-show of 3?

Rajini compensates Dhanush loss

Three weeks into its theatrical release, it has almost been confirmed that the much-expected 3 hasn’t lived upto its pre-release hype and publicity and has fallen flat at the box-office. The film was the debut directorial venture of Aishwarya, wife of Dhanush who was paired up opposite Shruti Haasan for the first time. Despite the hugely popular Why this Kolaveri number, the film has ended up as a ‘flop’.

The Telugu dubbed version of the film met with huge losses due to which Dhanush was ‘cornered’ by the distributor who took up the film’s release rights in Andhra Pradesh. Natty Kumar, the distributor, went to the press claiming he suffered ‘huge losses’ and that he needed to be compensated appropriately for the same. He had also complainted against the ‘unprofessional attitude’ of Dhanush and Aishwarya who promised to be in Hyderabad at the time of the film’s release but backed out at the last moment.

Though the collections were okay in the first week, it took a sharp dip in the second and third week as ‘word of mouth’ spread about Dhanush doing the same kind of role again and again in his successive films untiringly. Incidentally, the film was produced by Dhanush’s father and director Kasturi Raja. Superstar Rajinikanth, it is reported, has decided to step in to bail out his sambandhi and son-in-law.

Rajini is said to have assured Dhanush and Aishwarya that he would bear the losses to the tune of 4 crore which Natty Kumar is demanding to be repaid to him. He is said to be deeply hurt by the distributor’s allegation blaming Dhanush and Aishwarya squarely for the film’s no-show in Andhra. However, neither Aishwarya nor Rajini has confirmed or denied this piece of information.


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