Ileana Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra delays Ileana’s Bollywood debut?

Ileana Priyanka

Whether it has happened by sheer accident or by design, it’s there for everyone to see. The curvaceous Ileana’s Bollywood entry has received a setback, thanks to they ‘so-busy’ schedule of Priyanka Chopra, her co-star in the film Barfee directed by Anurag Basu. After conquering the Telugu film industry and trying to do the same in Tamil, Ileana seeks to ‘widen her horizons’ by debuting as heroine in Bollywood.

Priyanka Chopra (PC), often referred to as Piggy Chops by the North Indian press, vie with Ileana in Barfee to win Ranbir Kapoor’s heart. A former beauty queen, Priyanka has reportedly decided to stay back in Los Angeles, U.S. for a few months (with permission from Basu, though) in order to complete and release her first-ever international music video which is being shot at present.

Obviously, the film’s shooting can’t be completed without PC’s physical presence. Readers might recall that Priyanka debuted as heroine in movies not through a Hindi film but via a Tamil film titled Thamizhan opposite Vijay. She even sung a song Ullathai Killathae in the film along with Vijay. It now appears that she has decided to give vent to her passion of releasing her first-ever music video, the making of which is delaying the shooting of Barfee.

Till date, there hasn’t been any reported ‘ego clash’ between Priyanka and Ileana. Though Basu was hoping for an early 2012 release of the film, it looks like the film might only release by the middle of the year, thereby conveniently postponing Ileana’s much-awaited debut by 7-8 months. The irony is that unless she completes the shooting of Barfee, Ileana can’t sign up any other movie(s) in Bollywood.

We only hope the film sees the light of the day as early as possible!


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