Priyamani victim of physically abuse

Priyamani victim of physical abuse

 Priyamani victim of physically abuse

Actress Priyamani’s fans were quite puzzled to find one of her recent updates on a social networking site, hinting that she was molested. The lady was made victim during one of the on ongoing CCL matches, which have celebrities taking to the green fields, trying to bring home some glory for their respective states.

The news became public after the actress boldly gave out the team’s name and the initials of the guy, saying, “S _ _ _ _ n of Mumbai Heroes (sic)”. A dirty finger has now been pointed out to Mumbai Heroes key player Sachiin Joshi, who couldn’t get himself under control, watching the beautiful girl cheering her team up. We are told that, during the post match party which took place at a 5 star hotel for all the cricketers and movie stars, things got real ugly. Others including Bhavana, Sonia Agarwal, Lakshmi Rai, Sanjjanaa and Madhu Shalini and Indian team paceman Sreesanth too attended the event in Kochi. The party went on late till 4am as everyone danced their hearts out having a good time. After enjoying a good time, Priyamani too left with others but was confronted by a drunken Sachiin who made his entry. He even tried to grope the actress, throwing his arms around her but Sreesanth who was by her side, stepped in and shifted Sachiin’s attention to the bar. Priyamani hurried to her vehicle avoiding the onlookers who witnessed the cheap act.

Shameful, indeed!




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