Priya Anand

Priya Anand on a mission to rescue caged birds

Priya Anand

Actress Priya Anand is among the very few who go out of their way for a good cause. Not more than 3 years into cinema, her good deeds and fun loving ways have won her fans aplenty. The actress has now joined hands with PETA, helping spread awareness for a wonderful cause.

Having participated in child labor campaigns and women empowerment programmes, Priya has now taken up the case of caged birds, in an aim to protect them. International organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) found Priya to be the best pick, as she announced her sign up,This is the first time that I’m officially working with the organisation.” Many celebs from Kollywood have contributed their useful bit for PETA and their global needs. Trisha who loves pooches, has her own adoption camps running, helping street dogs find new homes, as PETA’s brand ambassador. Talking about her attempt to save birds Priya says, “This time around, we’re focusing on caged birds. We have a couple of ideas and will arrive on a concrete plan in a couple of days. I’m happy to be part of an organization, whose views I believe in.”  That’s wonderful girl, we need more happy hearts like you.



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