Karthi Pranitha in Saguni movie

Pranitha’s shock treatment to Saguni team

Karthi Pranitha in Saguni movie

Bangalore-born Pranitha Subhash alias Pranitha is a popular Telugu and Kananda actress who debuted in Tamil films as heroine through Arulnidhi’s Udhayan last year. She has now almost wrapped up the shooting of hr second film in Tamil viz., Saguni which is also her first film opposite Karthi. Pranitha has done a few films in Telugu and Kannada and is making a major attempt to win the hearts of Tamil audiences.

Directed by debutant Shankar Dayal, Saguni signifies the various strategies and struggles the hero undergoes to achieve his goal of ‘truth triumphing over all the evils’. During the course of his struggle, our hero plays ‘hide-and-seek’ using the policy of outsmarting and outthinking his rivals a la the historic character of Saguni in the epic Mahabharat.

Reports say that Pranitha, who is just one film old in Tamil, is showing the ‘starry side’ of her much to the embarrassment and irritation of the crew of the film. Queries revealed that portions involving Pranitha have already been shot. She was told that the shooting was over; problem started when it was felt that some sequences featuring her needed to be shot again to make them look convincing.

When she was called to attend the shooting schedule again, she reportedly told the crew that she had become ‘too busy’ to commit herself to re-shoot some portions and told them that she might not be able to spare her time. The director and crew were reportedly left stunned as they didn’t expect her to behave in this manner.

While it remains to be seen as to what would have to be done to make Pranitha attend another schedule of shooting, those close to the actress say that her name is being tarnished for no reason and dismiss it as a ‘rumour’. Wait for a few more days to find out the truth!


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