Prakash Raj to make all arrangements for Prabhu-Nayan wedding

Prakash Raj to make all arrangements for Prabhu Nayan wedding

Actor/producer/director (Ok…no more) Prakash Raj is quite a multitasker in his own right apart from the fact that he was ‘taken to task’ recently for his wig-gly issues in Director KV Anand’s Maatraan. Owing to his non co-operative attitude, Prakash was asked to leave the sets from the strong headed director. Now Prakash has a totally different story to tell when he is away from his silver-screen duties.

It is learnt that the star actor is busy making preparations for the big-horns and crackerful wedding for the hot Kollywood duo of Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva. Prakash and Prabhu share a close bonding with each other and during the initial stages when love was just budding between Prabhu and his lady Nayan, both of them had spent some good times in Prakash’s Chennai home. In fact Prakash has been through the same roads as he signed for divorce with Lalitha Kumari after a 15 year long relationship, to wed noted choreographer Pony Verma  last August , 2010.He has been really understanding and co-operative with Prabhu and Nayan and has promised the pair to make all arrangements for their wedding. Prakash will be flying to Mumbai soon to fix those wedding tables.

See we told you its all good with Prakash. 



  1. june

    i think he is helping prabhu and nayan, because he himself has been married twice…an actor of his caliber should refrain from the evil lime light

  2. Smile

    I agree with Vasu and June.Ore kuttaile erukura mattainga.Orutharuku oruthar arudhala dhan erupanunga vera enna seiya mudiyum?Aana onnu,they have betrayed their wives without whom,the couldn’t have tasted success.Pathini sabam summa vidadhu.God is watching everything.

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