Prakash Raj patches up with wife Lalitakumari

Prakash Raj patches up with ex-wife Lalithakumari

Prakash Raj patches up with wife Lalitakumari

Actor Prakash Raj is said to have patched up with his first wife Lalithakumari. The couple, which lived together for more than a decade, separated legally after ‘irreconcilable’ differences of opinion between them. Lalithakumari’s elder sister and Kollywood’s former ‘item girl’ Disco Shanthi tried her best to make them stay united; as it turned out, all her efforts went in vain.

Prakash Raj went ahead and married choreographer Pony Verma. As it happens with second marriages, Prakash Raj appears to be finding it ‘extremely difficult’ to forget his ex-wife and children born out of his first marriage.

The versatile actor had been visiting Chennai frequently from Mumbai after his marriage to Pony. It was reported in the press that he had Bony’s complete approval for ‘visiting’ the family of his first wife. The innumerable visits in the past few months renewed his bond with his ex-wife and children.

Reports say that as a result, the bonding has been strengthened and renewed to such an extent that Prakash Raj sometimes stays at Lalithakumari’s residence. In order not to antagonize Pony, Prakash Raj has taken on rent a spacious house for Bony in the same locality where Lalitha lives.

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