Prabhudeva-Vishals film ‘Prabhakaran’ becomes ‘Prabha’ now


Another controversy in Kollywood appears to have been nipped in the bud itself. Only in Tamil films do the makers have to worry about the many political outfits and the so-called custodians of ‘Tamil culture’ before naming their films and the lead characters in their films. Some controversy or the other is raised each time a familiar name is chosen for the title or for a character.

Director Prahudeva has been making his next film with Vishal in the lead. The film brings together the ‘hot pair’ of Vishal and sizzler Sameera Reddy for the first time on-screen. The shooting has begun in right earnest even before Prabhudeva had the time to finalize the title of the film.

When the title was chosen as ‘V. Prabhakaran’ (remember the slain LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran?), voices were immediately raised calling for a ‘change’ in the title of the film. It was said that the character of a commercial hero, who romances his heroines, shouldn’t be named ‘Prabhakaran’ as it was the name of a martyr.

Prabhudeva heard the opposing voices and before the controversy could snowball into a major issue which would only bring ‘negative publicity’ for his film under production, he thought it best to go for a change of title and pruned down the title to its first half.

As such, the film would henceforth be called as ‘Prabha’ and not ‘Prabhakaran’!



  1. Saji

    I can’t wait to watch the movie because Vishal is my favourite actor and I never missed out on any of his movies!

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