Prabhudeva under pressure to embrace Christianity


The latest topic of discussion doing rounds in Kollywood is whether or not Prabhudeva would succumb to pressure supposedly exerted by actress Nayantara’s family and close relatives and embrace Christianity prior to tying the nuptial knot with her.

Nayantara is a devout Catholic Christian whose actual name Diana Mariam Kurien was changed only when she entered films a few years back. The family is said to belong to a hardcore group within that sect. Members of the sect are said to be totally against their womenfolk indulging in entertaining arts such as cinema, theatre, etc.

Even Nayantara faced stiff opposition from her household, especially from her father, when she debuted in films. It was only when she became famous and made a name for herself as an actress of substance that the ‘opposition’ died down gradually. But for her mother’s initial support, she wouldn’t have become what she is today, it is said.

The actress’ parents and close relatives are said to be insisting that Prabhudeva should first shun Hinduism and embrace Christianity and become a full-fledged Christian prior to the marriage with Nayantara.

Baptism, the process of getting converted to Christianity, is likely to be a ‘thorn in the flesh’ for Prabhudeva who would hardly have foreseen such a situation when he loved Nayan at the cost of his legally married wife.



  1. Kollytalk Reader

    Dai prabu, ur 1st wife converted from Muslim to Hindhuisim just for u… tats true love… ur keep is asking U to get converted 4m hindu to christianity… this is kalla khaadhal… Vazhka oru vattam da… ha ha ha…..Saavuda poriki…..!!

  2. vadivukarasi

    Edhu ellam thevaya unakku ? chinna ponnu edhukku da unakku ? she is a Syrian Catholic, they don’t even marry roman catholics or other sects within christianity… engee thinna korangu aaitaeda!!  

  3. debon

    mama madthikitiya.eppo enna panna poora.manaivi amaivathellam iraivan kodutha varam.unakku kadavul nalla wife kodutharu, athai pooi keduthukitthaiye. ithu thevaiya unnaikku.kalyanam panni ellam mudinchatum 9tara vai kalithi vittu era yaravataiyum thedu ok vaa

  4. Kolly talk

    seetha is a character in an epic., she mite have had some bad side if she was a real character …. dont compare epical stories to real life…

  5. Shreevidhya

    This is bullshit guys…guys r forced to change into christians in the name of love. A study tells this is another very old dated idea of the christian missionaries to spread christianity. When has a christian gal converted to become a hindu for marriage. and why should religion come into love in the first place. 

  6. karthick

    sir , pls dnt do tht ….. a person should tke for wht u r !!!! nt to mke any alterations n u !!! We knw tht u r a big follower of hindu religion & we r always used to c u with vibhudhi (pattai) in ur forehead ….. pls dnt change ur identity fr love …… this s nt wht u should b doing ……..


    WE ALL LOVE UUU !!!!!!!

  7. vnd

    ethellaam love?????? love pannumbothu mattum relegion parkkamattangalaamam…. marriage nu vanthutta relegion parkaraanga…. ava prabhudeva va love pannangala ella relegion a love panrangala…..

  8. amy

    why do u need to convert. u have the heart  to leave 2 children just for a pussy. no religion will accept u. u cud have enjoyed with nayan and still cud have made peace with ur wife and children. nayan after 3 -4 yrs says she is bored and will start acting again. when offers dont follow her then she will step into television and prostitution. enjoy mamu

  9. sakthi

    prabhu it waz ur fault for abandoning ur family and as we say wat goes around comes around to u so it waz ur fault for all of this really. changin ur faith is not easy itz been wid u since u were born like ur 3rd parent . wtf u ditched ur wife i wudnt be suprised if u ditched ur parents too. 🙁

  10. kk

    wht is it with christians so desperate to convert ppl ….. PRABU u desrve every bit of it….used ur TOY in nayanthara now tht famly consider u As TOY ….have fun budy

  11. sulaan

    innum evalavu publicity than ithilae…

    First love….
    appuram pacha kuthi suntvla petti….
    appuram first wife divorce…
    appuram settlement problem….
    appuram ragasiya kalayanam….
    ippo christanity….

    neenga rendu perum senthu lifela entha sathika porikalo illaoye….
    nalla paraparapa news mattum varuthu…

    itha polapu ikku…..

    enpa araciyal thalavarkale…
    rajini baba padaithulae dum adicha mathiri pose irukkuinnu porattam panurega…
    ella filmlayum jaathi pathi thapasoluraga innu padathey ban panna sollurega…
    fire, kamasutra padam vantha pothu tamilnadu culture poochu innu kalata pannurega….

    malae irukire intha azhagana VAYASANA kadhal jodigal adikkera kotha yarum thatti keka mattigala…

  12. paithiyam

    If converting to Christianity is the license required to fcuk Nayanthara then I wouldn’t mind converting to Christianity 🙂
    And honestly even Prabhu Deva shouldn’t mind that and should convert to whatever shit they want to shag with Nayan ..

  13. cyrusdass

    I agree to your excellent comment. Intha thayxlikku ithuvum thevai and innamum thevai. Panaththaalum cinimaa maayaiyalum ethaiyum saathikkalam enru ninaikaathe. ethuvum nirantharamillai.

  14. kan

    prabu devaa cheap devadiya okara nayee..appadiye poiru…go and ask rajini, venkatesh, prabas, vishal, simbu, nagarjun, balakrishna, sarath…e ellaiyum nyan kuli evlo aalumni…ok

  15. Nanban

    Nayantara’s  devout Catholic Christian name is Diana Mariam Kurien (DMK).  (Prabu Deva, Still you cann’t guess your future?) *DONT_KNOW*

  16. Archorn

    Dick head, which school you went to, you just came out of the forrest is it, or which one of your parents taught you that, seetha’s character might have dark sides. Try using your peanut size brain before going on a barking spree, try not to go berserk running on the road naked like a lunatic. For the hindus Seetha is a sacret character, one of the deity they pray to. I am not a Hindu, I am christian, yet I respect my fellow brothers belive, I dont like people rediculing their belive. You want to get into the drain and feel happy about it, go ahead. Dont drag others into it. The same idiots will later talk about religion and culture…..Pricks.

  17. truth

    Before posting such things, think two times or even 100 times. Seetha is the avataar of Goddess Lakshmi.

  18. tamilpriyan

    padam eduthiya, matter mudichiya, appadi poyite irukkanum. appadi pannara kamal hasan avane, irendu murai marriage la mattikitan. unaku en intha vendatha velai?

    you must have converted to islam b4 divorcing ur wife, like dharmendra. ore kallula irendu manga kadaichirukum.

    maybe this is true love, if she is 10/10 as a super figure, you are probably 5/10 as a guy, but still she is interested in u. and they say love is blind. maybe love is blind to love, but marriage is not. 

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