nayanthara prabhudeva marriage to be announced

Prabhudeva under pressure from Nayantara to wed soon

nayanthara prabhudeva marriage to be announced

It was widely reported in the press last year that actress Nayantara and her beau Prabhudeva were to get married in July, 2011 and that the marriage would take place in Mumbai. 2011 is now behind us and we’re already into the second week of the New Year 2012; still, there is no concrete which is evolving from both Prabhudeva and Nayantara’s circles about their highly-anticipated marriage.

Nayan’s la(te)st Telugu film, Sri Raamarajyam, released in between and turned out to be a super-duper hit film. The film, which has Nayantara playing the highly revered Sita, has the audience asking for more from the actress who bid a teary farewell from the crew of the film on the last day of the film’s shooting a few months back.

Late last year, the press was full of reports that Nayan wasn’t amused at all by Prabhu’s frequent visits to his ex-wife Ramalat’s house to meet her and talk to and mingle with his two children. This had apparently infuriated Nayan to no end who reportedly kept Prabhudeval waiting outside her Kerala residence for more than two hours without talking to or agreeing to meet him.

The latest on the ‘on-again-off-again’ affair is that Nayan has been upset at the ‘delay’ and the postponement of the marriage. She has reportedly made it clear to Prabhudeva that the marriage ought to be held before the summer of this year. She has kind of issued an ultimatum to Prabhudeva to first come out with the announcement of the date of the marriage at least by end-February.

While Nayan hasn’t signed up any new film after Sri Raamarajyam, Prabhudeva is busy directing a Hindi film at present.


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