Prabhu Deva gifts Nayanthara 27 diamonds


Nayanthara gets luckier as she turns 27. Recently, a few days back Nayanthara celebrated her birthday and surely it was a blast thanks to Prabhu Deva’s pleasant surprise.

Reportedly there is buzz that Nayanthara was gifted a precious ornament  that had a whopping 27 diamonds on it.What more, it was even plated with platinum and gold. The order seems to be have been made from a shop in Dubai during a foreign visit Prabhu Deva made quite recently.

The ornament was priced at a staggering price of 27 lakhs.

Prabhu seems to be unperturbed by any hurdle in his marital relations and it is rumored he had a great time with Nayan on her birthday at a yet undisclosed place.

What more can Queen Nayan ask for? Isn’t it Nayan. Might be you would have got 50 diamonds worth 50 lakh if you had turned 50.



  1. Vasin

    Its girls who check themselves extensively before making moves. Almost all girls always think of age ageing. Many men just go after what they want.

  2. ??

    Dey, Vasin: nee sollurathu ellam ok. Ana Nayan enna velai panni irukka? Prabhu ode famaliy destroy panni irukka! And as you said; selfish woman are sexy. So you admit that she is selfish. Ille?
    Nayan munnadiye irunthu think panni iruppa; ”I am so pretty, and Prabhu might fall for me. If I help him through the case with Latha, he will give some expensive gifts to me”
    ippadi ellam think panni iruppa! So this is too much! Ivalukku ellam 27 lakhs ukku 27 diamonds ah? Prabhu will realise later… but then he will also realise that it’s TOO LATE!!!!

  3. Vasin

    @??. It boils down to the following.

    Say you are not married. I say anybody can love anybody. Many of you say you can’t love someone who is already married? Be honest. Did you never fancy a married girl? If you are crazy about her why should you let your love die within you. You ask her to consider you. If she says no you should stop at that. This should apply to an unmarried girl too.

    Say you are married for 5 years at 29. I say you can consider an other woman if you are not happy with your wife. Many of you say you shouldn’t because you must respect your marriage vow and you should consider your children first. Should you stop your sex life at 29 and live for your children without a friend (wife) at home?

  4. ??

    Aiyo, Vasin! Only a stupid person would have done that! After all, Prabhu Deva is allready married, and Nayan is trying to ruin the whole family just because of that little love they had in-between each other during Villu. If Nayan would have been a good human beeing she would have said: ”Sorry Prabhu. I do fancy you, but you’re allready married.” but ok. Let’s say that Nayan was not a good human beeing, then Prabhu could say so: ”Sorry, Nayan. But I am married, and I don’t want to lose my family!” but so if a girl ask a married guy  and both of them agree, then none of them are good human being! So, those who are good human being would not agree with the other one and say ”ok, I dont care abt my other wife/husband. You’re so much cute than him/her, so I’ll pick you instead as my life partner!”  
    But of course; anybody can love anybody. As long their love does not ruin anything. but Prabhu and Nayan’s love had ruined Ramlath’s heart! And it has also ruined her faith in Prabhu! But still she wants to have him beside her as her life partner because she loves him, even though he loves another girl. THIS is true love, Vasin.  
    I would love to see your comment for this!

  5. Vasin

    You assume if a man and a woman marry and have children the marriage must be saved at any cost. Even if they are not happy with each other. That is how many of our parents and grand parents lived. I observed a few such families. No trouble but No happiness. Only children make them happy. That is not good enough. You must try to live your life to the full. You are not born to sacrifice to be commented by others as a good human being. You sound genuine. Your girl may be lucky. But life and people are very complicated. You will learn soon.

  6. ??

    But who knows if Prabhu Deva and Ramlath lived happy together or not? I will say that they had happiness, because if not they would be divorced for long time ago! I mean; if that man can divorce her wife because of another girl, then he can also do it if he doesn’t feel happy with his curren wife.
    So we can’t say anything…

    But for me, Nayantara is a big **** and Prabu Deva will realise it soon! And then he will regret, but then he’ll also realise that it’s too late to regret.. But I give my whole support to Ramlath. Beauty is not everything, which is probably the main reason of why Prabu fell for Nayan. And I also think that Ramlath is a wonderful women! She didn’t want to give divorce to Prabu, because she loves him so much! Ramlath is the woman who shows real love to her husband!
    So hats of to her, and ****** to Nayantara!!

  7. lilly

    @Vasin: dont blabber things just for the sake of justifying what u have told………dont show ur stupidiity bu syupporting an idiotic thing with this kind of explanations.. ridiculous……….

  8. lilly

    He is right………yaru kdiahcalumnuthan alaiyura…….but y the hell a married man????? and he is also one bloody rascal…; he didnt even share the sorrow of his son’s death with his wife and started his relaationship with this bitch within few time period of his son’s death. 

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