Prabhu Deva asks Nayantara to bid farewell

Prabhu Deva asks Nayantara to bid farewell
Prabhu Deva asks Nayantara to bid farewell

Glamor face Nayantara has finally decided to settle down in life with her lover boy(??) Prabhu Deva and bid farewell to her movie career. Nayantara and Prabhu Deva will be getting married in July in Chennai after Prabhu gets formally divorced from his earlier wife Ramlath in June.

There has been not much news about her signing up other movies after being linked to Sri Rama Rajyam which landed her in controversy as HMK activists objected to her role as Sita.

Buzz is that Nayantara has revealed her reasons for not signing up any more projects as she quips, “Prabhu Deva has asked me not to do anymore movies post marriage and both of us feel that it would be the right decision as many of our close friends and family members share a similar opinion.” So after Sri Rama Rajyam the lady will be take the honors of becoming a housewife.

The year 2010 has been a good one for Nayantara with many of her movies becoming commercially successful, Boss Engira Bhaskaran(opposite Arya) in Tamil, Bodyguard(opposite Dhileep) in Malayalam (Original of Kaavalan for which she even received Asianet Best Actress award recently) ,Simha(opposite Balakrishna) one of the top grosser in Telugu and Super (opposite Upendra) in Kannada. Well that’s 4 movies in 4 different languages, which surely speaks of her thumping presence in southern cinema as a whole.

We surely will miss your presence Nayan.




  1. Vasin

    Dei Dei Dei  
    Eanda bayathleye saagareenga?  
    If tou work hard to please your wife she will be unlikely to leave you; the same for a wife too. Don’t rely too much on cultural protection to keep people together. Men have been abusing it for thousands of years in India. Wife’na husband’na sontha veedu vaangarathilla; vaadaga veedunu nenechkanum; you’ve got to work hard to pay the rent.

  2. omg

    may be its all for a reason hahhaa, this filthy bithc’s career gets over from here hahaha, NEXT divorce.




    vasin NAIYINGA thaanda “no one is no one’s” appidi nu therula matter pannum.  
    dog A (prabhu) matter with dog B (his wife)  
    then again next day with DOG C (nayanthara)  
    this DOG C (nayanthara) with DOG D (new VIP )

  5. Vasin

    I didn’t mean it literally mate. I know husband wife belong to each other but as in every aspect of our lines there are exceptions to it. It is like if you like a wife of another so madly you have to gor it; you can’t destroy yourself for rules of your culture. 

  6. killiadi

    shut up man. nayanthara slept wit simbu n nw running after prabhu den she will fuck sum1 else n run after them. dnt supoort them u monkey. if tat was ur sister will u be happy? answer ma question u dickhead

  7. omg

    you know why they got these mangalsutra, bindhi, metti and all ??? it is to show the strangers that this woman who ever is wearing this belongs to someone else’s and get off ur eyes from her.

    then why some creatures cross that? here though prabhudeva dont wear all these (being a man) still everyone in the film industry knows he is married.

    1st of all she  shouldnt have developed her desprate fantasy on a man whos married. I belive in india people call married men as anna and married woman as akka or anni so that these kinda problems wont arise. still!

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