Prabhu Deva and Nayantara plan a Mumbai marriage

Prabhu Deva and Nayan plan a Mumbai marriageAmidst reports of shifting their base to Singapore soon after marriage, it has now emerged that “to-be happily married” couple Nayantara and Prabhu Deva are all set to tie the knot in Bollywood country far from the madding crowd. The decision happens to be a joint one as both Prabhu and Nayan have mutually agreed and chosen Mumbai as the perfect place, to begin the much awaited new-phase in their lives. Fans will be aware of Nayans disapproval towards a Chennai wedding and her plans of heading to Singapore country for a calm and sound life post marriage.

Even though the marriage date is yet to be officially announced, trusted sources earlier revealed of the wedding day being shifted to September from an expected August. While Nayan has done away with her Sri Ramarajyam commitments the actress has slashed all rumors of her bidding a final goodbye to movies. Prabhu on the other hand has big plans for his Prabhu Deva Dance Academyin Singapore post marriage and is currently engaged with Vishal, Sameera Reddy flick ‘Vedi’.

 Prabhu Deva and Nayan ‘picking’ Mumbai and ‘chucking’ Chennai  – kandippa ‘Vedi’ for the Kolly people.



  1. meera

    i hope there shd b bomb blast…so sad of prabhu deva kids…hw they go to school nd how they wil face d public…

  2. june

    a mumbai wedding…singapore settling…dance academy….these guys seem to have planned it right to their death bed….let’s watch and see how long this will last

  3. Smile

    Engalukku endha “Vedi”yum illai.Sandhosham dhan.Engaiyavadhu poi eppadiyavadhu erukattum.Namakku dhan nalladhu….

  4. MM

    They just want to get away from ppl like you and live a peaceful life…becoz ppl like you will talk bad about them till their death and even on their death….. as if you have not done anything bad in life atall… Marriage all about mutual understanding… I am sure ppl like you will never understand that….

  5. jimiki

    dono y people hate only this couple.. there are so many couples like this in cine industry.. for example amala and nagarjuna they are now an ideal couple but nagarjuna divorced her 1st wife and married amala.. there r so many.. even parthiban and sita.. sita married another guy and left her childrens and parthiban.. these issues was not exposed to media much.. even i hate prabhu and nayan after this issue.. but having a hatered person near ramalath is not going to gain anything for her.. she can’t b happy too.. so let them find their own way to be happy..

  6. htt

    why target this 2 ppl always? even Khusboo was a home wreaker.She had affair with  Prabhu and now happily married to someone else.

    These things happen commanly in film industry and out of it…Just bcoz they are stars , they are also human beings.

  7. Dana

    Im very suprrise u all know details abt actor and actress. Jus one question do you all know any details about ur sibblings, relative……?

  8. JUNE

    Htt…..ramlath was a human being also, but nobody treats her like one….they were going fine until nayanthara appeared on the picture how come nobody cares abt that human being

  9. JUJU

    wat ur problem …..yevalavo asingam nadakuthu ithulla prabhu deva nayan ah marry pannarathuthan thappa ..atleast they r not living 2 lives that we really shud appreciate

  10. JUJU

    .yevalavo asingam nadakuthu ithulla prabhu deva nayan ah marry pannarathuthan thappa ..atleast they r not living 2 lives that we really shud appreciate

  11. Smile

    Yes i agree….

    There is a saying “All’s fair in love and war” but i disagree.A happy home is much greater than the love trying to wreck it and its not fair.But what JUJU said is right as well.They are not living 2 lives which is worse.After all,its their life and who are we to decide. 

  12. sunshines

    im so bored of u pair!  aren’t we all? get married even in hell who cares?
    y can’t kollytalk write abts something interesting instead. arent u guys bored typing abt these two people for on and on every single week ? 

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