Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva and kids enjoy video games – Pic

Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva is enjoying the simple pleasures of life. There has been a lot happening for the choreographer/director lately. After his bad spell with Kollywood damsel Nayanthara, he shifted to Mumbai to focus all energy on new Bollywood projects.

Prabhu is currently directing Shruti Hassan for his new Bollywood release in the making. It will be a remake of the Telugu blockbuster Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. He took a break for the weekend enjoying time with his little kiddos. A few days back it was pop icon Michael Jackson’s birthday and Prabhu did sent out his wishes to the King of pop, being a big inspiration during his formative years. Along with his kids he also celebrated friend’s Vishnu Deva’s daughter’s birthday. Says Prabhu, “My children are here which means PARTY TIME. Yes we all finished two family packs of ice cream. We just love ice cream .In any season. My kids and I are celebrating my friend daughter’s b’day today. God Bless her.” He also tried playing video games with his kids but it turned out to be a humbling experience for Prabhu .Says Bollywood’s much wanted director, “Playing video games with my kids.They are so good at it.I’m learning from them.” Prabhu,we’re glad that you’re having a good time in Mumbai with your kids.




  1. aravind

    Prabhu Deva eating with his kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prabhu Deva talking to his kids!!!!!!!!!!!! yenn mokkai news ethan mathri yethuvum kedaikulea…….loose thanama erruku unga news…..

  2. Kasturi

    if u so love ur children, u should not have divorce and should have tried to solve rather than running away from it or finding other alternatives….or at least u should have compromised for ur children….see now where u r… u dont have a family nor a lover..i am not blaming nayathara…. but she has nothing to lose…

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