Nayantara hates Chennai

Post split, Nayantara keeps to herself during shoot

Nayantara hates Chennai

Nayanthara has always been mingling freely with her co-stars, other artistes, technicians and light-men and spot-boys during the shooting schedule of her films. Be it outdoor or indoor shooting, Nayan is always spotted smiling and talking and chatting enthusiastically with the rest of the crew members.

Of late, though, Nayan appears to have made a ‘conscious’ decision to keep quiet during breaks in shoot. After more than three years of courtship, Nayan formally split with Prabhudeva early this year and announced that she was making ‘comeback’ to films. Soon after her comeback, she has literally been flooded with offers to star in Tamil and Telugu films.

Born as Diana Miriam Kurien, Nayan even embraced Hinduism in order to marry Prabhudeva and became Nayanthara (note the ‘h’). Sources close to the actress say that the actress, who used to mingle freely with all the staff and crew members, has been keeping ‘silence’ of late during the breaks in shoot. This has given rise to questions as to whether is really over the affair or is still facing the effects of the split.

She is Ajith’s heroine in his upcoming film directed by Vishnuvardhan. The chubby Nayanthara of the past appears to have given way to the new Nayanthara who is ultra-serious and speaks only when she is spoken to. It remains to be seen as to whether Nayan continues in the same mould or changes herself for the better.


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