Pooja’s comeback in Bala’s Eriyum Thanal?


Sources say that Sri Lanka-born actress Pooja has been busy with many Sinhalese language films on her hands. It’s the commitment to star in Sinhalese films which is keeping Pooja away from Kollywood, it is further reported. With a pretty face and an hourglass figure to go along with it, Pooja had the danger of getting typecast in films as a ‘glamour doll’.

However, she gave a very good account of her acting prowess as a blind beggar in director Bala’s Naan Kadavul a few years back. The film, which had Aarya in a never-before role of an Agori, fetched Bala a national award too. Though Pooja didn’t win any awards for her role in the film, she was praised high by the print and television media as well as the critics.

It is, therefore, of no surprise that Pooja is considering a ‘comeback’ in Tamil films through a film by Bala. After last year’s commercial flick Avan Ivan, Bala has chosen Atharva (son of actor Murali who is no more amidst us) to play the lead role in his upcoming film titled Eriyum Thanal. Bala is reportedly attempting the filmy adaptation of a popular Malayalam novel.

As readers are aware, Pooja stays at Bangalore while starring in Tamil films and prefers to stay at her grandma’s house in Lanka whenever she shoots for Sinhalese films. There were rumours doing rounds last year claiming that the lovely lass had been bitten by the ‘love bug’ but they turned out to be false alarms.

Though Kollywood producers want to sign her up for their films, they’re unable to get in touch with her as she stays in Lanka most of the time. Pooja, on her part, is said to be yearning for a ‘meaty’ role in a Tamil film to signify her comeback in a forceful manner. What better than a character in a Bala’s film to do so?


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