Pooja Gandhi Nude Act

Pooja justifies her nude act

Pooja Gandhi Nude Act

Actress Pooja Gandhi has become easily the most-talked about heroine in Sandalwood, the world of Kannada films, nowadays. The actress, who started in a couple of Tamil films in Kokki opposite Karan and in Tiruvannamalai opposite ‘action king’ Arjun with the on-screen name of Sanjana, has now gone back to her actual name of Pooja.

We reported earlier Pooja has starred in a ‘nude sequence’ for her upcoming film Dandupalya. The actress appears unperturbed by the sensation she has created and says that she took on the role after listening to the script. Says Pooja: “I was narrated the script in detail by director Srinivas Raju. I then asked him for some time to decide whether I’d be doing the ‘nude’ sequence.

“After careful consideration, I agreed to do the film. The film is about a female gangster who gets caught by the police and molested. I play Lakshmi, a real-life character and a head of a mafia gang. The film’s crew shoed me the video footage of the actual investigation conducted by the police which was visually disturbing.

“I didn’t to full nudity; I would be clad in a saree which the policemen (in the film, of course!) would try to remove from by body. I have only exposed my entire back and not anything else. The sequence was filmed with minimum number of crew on the sets. I hope the film doesn’t become a controversial one,” said Pooja.


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