Piaa Bajpais Virgin ad

Actress Piaa Bajpai

Goa girl Piaa Bajpai is grabbing the spotlight once again. Well this time it’s her small screen presence that’s doing the trick. Piaa’s Virgin mobile ad being aired quite frequently in between the World Cup matches is a real hit with the audience. In the commercial Piaa plays a nasty prank on her ex-boyfriend when she catches him red handed making out with another girl. The actress pulls of a real stunner appearing as a pregnant lady in the ad. She has been receiving the good support of fans from all corners, as they really enjoyed her wonderful presence in the commercial.

On the filmy front her shot to fame has also found her well wishers even in Bollywood,however she doesn’t want to shift her base too early. She is really thrilled about here upcoming movie KO with actor Jeeva. The curly haired beauty will be playing the role of a working woman in the movie and dreams of taking a big leap with this upcoming KV Anand offering.

Piaa let all your dreams be fulfilled. Meanwhile you people check out the Virgin ad below.



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