Parents on groom hunt confirms Trisha

Parents on groom hunt confirms Trisha

Parents on groom hunt confirms Trisha

Finally the day has arrived and this piece of news promises to leave you…well…heart-broken. Kollywood’s reigning queen Trisha Krishnan is all set to tie the nuptial knot pretty soon. The news was confirmed by none other than Trisha herself who said, “Yes it is true that my parents are in search of a bride groom for me. If I like that person, the marriage will take place immediately.”

Unlike many actresses Trisha has been one lucky girl to enjoy a strong fan base for 10 glittering years with her latest offering Mankatha taking her career graph even higher. Earlier when her parents where questioned about their daughter’s wedding plans they had said, “We have given Trisha a lot of freedom and are good friends to her. Trisha can marry the person whom she likes. Our only expectation is, the person should understand Trisha”.  But looks like Trish doesn’t have that special someone in her mind and is more than happy to get along with whomsoever mommy dear chooses for her. Trish further added “If I like that person, the marriage will take place immediately.”

So throw in all your love people… our Jessie will soon have those wedding bells ringing…




  1. Smile

    Excuse me,evalayum nambamudiyathuna evanaiyum nambamudiyathu.Ladies mattum dhan thappu panrangala??Aambalenga ellam yogya sigamanigalo???Comment on Trisha and don’t generalise.Not all women are bad…..

  2. CT

    If a poorest prostitute like the wife of ajith can manage to get a handsome guy like Ajith, even a pig can marry a good looking dog may be. Even a pig will not marry someone like the shitty whore but Ajith has a big heart to let orphans beggars inside his house and throw her free food and space as well.

  3. Smile

    CT has got some serious problem with Shalini.Dunno why she/he can’t stand her.Anyways,Shalini is a decent girl.Ajith is lucky to have got her.An actress does not have to be a slut.There were decent actresses like Suhasini,Revathi,Poornima bhagyaraj,Sri Vidya.Shalini is one of them.She doesn’t drink and isn’t a party animal like Trisha.So how is Trisha better than Shalini?

  4. CT

    Bloody, who the hell is she is a decent crap. BULLSHIT. You orphans in south india are good at begging in the streets calmly. Atleast Trisha is honest about being a party animal.

    This whore that you mentioned was forced into prostitution by her family and she suffered a lot when she was younger. This was told by Ajith in an interview as well….he is only throwing this beggar some free food and space – shes NOT a family member or anything – beggars cannot become a family ever.

  5. xi

    well Trisha is sucha idiot, she drinks like a pig and smoking , also her mother dont respect  her husband, such a bitch eva, trisha  so so bad eva , if i c her i’ll kill her, such a  mental case eva, i feel sorrz for who ever marry trisha , he is pavAM  eva so so sorrx

  6. Smile

    @CT.Oops.It’s my fault….I forgot the fact that you were brainless!Poor soul….Ok blabber all you want….I don’t give a damn!

  7. Nayanthara lover

    People like CT need to concentrate on their own liver befor sying stupid things about others……they half know about….I’m sure he is a frustrated engineer who fails at his job too….

  8. david billa

    there is a groom by the name of soola karupan for her sorry i dunno whether he will marry  a female.

  9. black

    well i dint talk bad abt any1 like u did? ur upbringing is so pathetic.. some1 born for a gd mother would not be commenting like u!

  10. Smile

    @black…ignore CT.He is a living proof that man can live without a brain.Let’s not disturb him.Just let him be.

  11. Nayanthara lover

    CT u need to improve your english first….and kh nobody is writing thing to please you..if there are any miscoceptions….remove them…

  12. Smile

    @Nayan lover….thanks buddy….but perhaps they are suffering from anxiety/depression….so they are behaving this way….it’s ok…we’ll forgive them…chill! 🙂

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