Pagalavan:What is happening?


Even as reports in the past said that Vijay is not likely to star in controversial director Seeman’s upcoming film ‘Pagalavan’ for the time being, it is now said that it is almost confirmed that after ‘Velayudham’ and ‘Nanban’, Vijay is most likely to start work in Seeman’s film.

The actor is said to have taken a liking to the film’s script which is a socially relevant one. After listening to the entire script, Vijay is said to have suggested some ‘minor’ changes in the script, which have been accepted by Seeman, who has also incorporated the many things in his film that Vijay’s fans exclusively look for from their star.

The script deals with corruption, grafting and other frauds committed by politicians on the poor electorate. Dialogues would breathe fire, it is said. The title of the film might undergo change. Vijay plays a doctor who later becomes a strict cop. The hunt for a popular heroine (who would playing the role of a village belle) to be cast opposite Vijay is now on. Actress Bhavana is also said to be in the reckoning to play Vijay’s heroine.

In all probability, it is said that ‘Pagalavan’ could well turn out to be Vijay’s first ‘political’ movie. Vijay’s interest in the script is basically to attract the attention of the Tamils living in various countries in the world to show that he is the lone contemporary hero who cares for their interests. A formal announcement about the film is expected to be made in the coming days.


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