Oviya Dipa Shah

Oviya and Dipa Shah clash in public in front of presspersons

Oviya Dipa Shah

At a recent chat with pressmen on the sets of the film Sillunu Oru Sandhippu (SOS), the misunderstanding that had been brewing between Oviya and Dipa Shah (the leading ladies of the film) was on full view in front of a number of presspersons. It is said that the two actresses were at loggerheads with each other for various reasons even during the making of the film.

Evan as Dipa was speaking on her cellphone speaking next to Oviya, the latter reportedly asked the former to ‘reduce’ the volume of her voice which angered Dipa who immediately quit the scene in the middle of the press meet to register her disappointment over Oviya’s remarks. Of late, there have been many such incidents occurring during and after the shoot which give immense publicity to the concerned film. As such, the media doesn’t shy away from reporting instances of such nature (professional ethics?).

Oviya, who is expecting her upcoming film Galagalappu to do well and put her in the orbit of frontline actresses, and Dipa Shah are the heroines in SOS. Oviya had already paired up with Vimal in her debut film Kalavaani which gave her an entry in Kollywood. The incident occurred at the shooting spot at Madhavaram when Dipa and Oviya were waiting in their caravans for the next spell of the shooting to commene.

Oviya was talking to a reporter when she felt ‘distracted’ by Dipa Shah’s high-pitched voice as she was talking on her cellphone. In order to ensure that she talks to the reported without any hindrance, Oviya is said to have told Dipa either to shut up for the time being or to speak in a ‘low’ voice. This angered Dipa who left the place in a hurry after shouting at Oviya.

When asked about what transpired between them, Oviya says “I have just completed a film with Anjali and was on very friendly terms with her. Even today, I didn’t quarrel with Dipa but only asked her to speak in a low tone. I still consider her a good friend and an affable co-star!”


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