Once I even thought of quitting films, says Anushka

Anuskha quit films

Anushka is now sitting pretty on top of the south Indian films. But the Mangalorean beauty has revealed that in the past she even thought of quitting films out of sheer desperation but pulled herself up and decided to stay back and fight it out. “I’m quite happy now and thankfully, I didn’t quit films,” she says.

Speaking to newsmen at Hyderabad recently, the yoga instructor-turned-actress said: “I never visualized a career in films for myself. It happened by sheer accident. When I debuted in films, I struggled to find a foothold; the struggle continued for some years and I even thought of quitting films forever.

“Now I have understood the medium of cinema better and have decided that films are where my life is destined to be. I have managed to deliver many hit films on my own. I see my excited fans screaming out and calling me aloud by my name wherever I go out. I owe all this popularity and fame to cinema and have a deep respect for the film industry in my heart.

Thankfully, I realized that I was created by the Almighty to be in films. In the hindsight, I’m extremely happy to have taken the decision a few years back to consciously stick to my earlier decision of staying in films. Had I quit films at that time, I’d have lost many of my happy moments. I involve myself in all my characters and all the sequences I star in, be it a romantic sequence or an emotional sequence.

“Without proper involvement, nobody can succeed in life in any sphere. It’s this involvement and commitment which has made me reach the top in Tollywood,” opines Anush.



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