Now Vanitha Vijayakumar dumps her second husband

Vanitha Vijayakumar leaves her second husband

Vanitha, actress and daughter of veteran actor Vijayakumar, has decided to ‘nullify’ her second marriage and go back to Aakash, her first husband with whom she gave birth to (t)he(i)r son Srihari. Vanitha has been in the news for the past few months due to the public spat between her father and her continual struggle to take custody of her dear son Srihari.

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After months of struggle which she would like to bury in her memory, Vanitha finally appears happy as Srihari is with her. In the interest of the future of her son, she has decided to go back to her first husband Aakash. Not many women in real life take such bold decisions as Vanitha has willingly taken on her own without bowing to anybody’s pressure.

Vanitha on this latest twist said, “My son asked me how could I marry another person when Aakash didn’t marry another woman. This question shattered me and I gave it a deep thought before deciding to nullify my second marriage and come back to Aakash, my first husband. Now, my son is happy and I’m happy because of that. Aakssh is happy that both of us are happy. I now realize I shouldn’t have left Aakash for the many pretty quarrels that we had been having.

“Which couples don’t fight? It was my mistake to marry Anandarajan and my daughter Jenitha was born. I could sense Srihari didn’t like my second marriage; I didn’t want to live away from him as I can never do so. My struggle to get Srihari back obviously disturbed Aandaraj and at one stage I told him that I felt more like Srihari’s mother than his wife and told him that I’d proceed in that direction. Thankfully, he agreed.

“Aakash is very understanding and tries to make Srihari understand the present scenario. Had both of shown this sort of maturity earlier, we wouldn’t have parted at all. All is well that ends well,” concludes Vanitha, who is into producing programmes for Polimer TV.



  1. Smile

    Ada Rama….Kalikalamada!

    Ok…What if her daughter(2nd husband’s)says the same thing?If she wants her mom and dad to reunite,will Vanitha fulfill that wish too?Aakash…even after his divorce remained single.That shows that he is a gem.I think Vanitha should entrust her son to Aakash who will certainly be a good parent and the go back to her 2nd hubby.I think the 2nd hubby would have had enough of a nonsense.So when she asked to call off their marriage,he was delighted!Avan budhisali….ess aitan.Paavam Aakash.Evvalo nalla manasu erundha Vanithava mannichu ethiruparu….Ethana aambalainga appadi erupanga…Vanitha is foolish.

  2. Rose

    even i thought the same….she is not benuine to anybody..thu….iva ellam oru pombala…thu thu…..if she become emotional she leaked all her family secrets….so she l reveile other details too…in few days time….

  3. Smile

    @Rose…Yes.Veetu prechanai veetoda erukanum.Veliya sollikardhu Vanithavukku dhan kevalam.No one will respect her for her behaviour.No wonder why her own family disowned her…The other 2 daughters are living respectably.Hmm…sila nerangalil sila manidhargal.

  4. Smile

    I pity the innocent children especially the daughter….Pethava panna thappuku adhunga kashtapadadhunga…Bad…

  5. WhyWe

    After all this Akash accepted vanitha back? Wow! Everyone in this family are seriously messed up beyond repair.

  6. Rama avatar

    what is she gonna do if her daughters ask the same question about their dad (the 2nd allakai of vanitha)   is she gona hop from allaki 1 to allakai 2 hopefully she dont jump on to another nollakai and do same shit with the kids. she needs family planning 1st

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