Nithyananda to file case against SUN TV and Nakkeeran

Nithyananda to file case against  SUN TV and Nakkeeran

The news maker Swamy Nityananda, who is allegedly involved in an extramarital relationship with noted actress Ranjitha, is likely to file a defamation lawsuit against SUN TV and Nakkeran, which aired the sex video tape on March 2 involving Nityananda and Ranjitha in compromising positions.

M. Shridhar, a Chennai-based lawyer, has been appointed to defend the Swamy’s case. Shridhar, who vehemently denied any wrongdoing on the Swamy’s part, said the defamation lawsuit would be filed against the news channel and Nityananda’s ex-driver Lenin Karupan (who shot the now infamous video) to salvage the Swamy’s reputation.

The lawyer also confirmed that Nityananda is expected to be in Bangalore soon. According to sources from his ashram, Nityananda will neither travel by plane or train, but will travel by road to evade a possible arrest or draw the attention of fellow travellers. Nityananda was last seen in public attending the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar.



  1. Anonymous

    Where is this idiot, he had said he is coming to bangalore and call a press conference on Tuesday, already three days passed.

    He who fears for life cannot be swami, pls dont address him as swami.

  2. Anonymous

    The Scumbag 'nithyananda'and his goons are all full of s**t, who thinks the rest of the Indians including the authorities don't see thru' his BS/deception. One minute he is in Kumbh Mela with 4,000 devotees, next minute he is going to cleanse (more of polluting Ma Ganga) himself in Ganges and then going into extended meditation; such weasles he and his goons are.
    Now he wants to sue for defamation…What defamation, when it is the truth to expose his dramas and money-squandering acts? He and his lawyer need to understand the term Criminal Breach of Trust (both innocent and sick people)in the name of spirituality and accumulation of wealth when the foundation in a "Not For Profit" organization and evasion of tax.
    The Karnata law enforcement agencies and the Gov't should hunt him and his goons (so called Swamis/Swaminis)down and bring them to justice.

  3. Anonymous

    I think all the lawyers who support the criminals also should be punished. Then only they will be afraid to attend these kind of cases and also criminals like Nithayananda can't escape.

  4. Anonymous

    god, why is this news being such a hype. it's crappy news. it's people that believed in him first, nobody forced. it's your fault to believe in the wrong man. believing in him blindly and now verbally abusing him? what non-sense. grow up people. they have better things to do that being a saint.

  5. kumar

    Lawyers should be dealt very seriously because they support any bastards for money. Mr.Shridhar you are real mother- f**ker.

  6. Anonymous

    The Karnataka law enforcement agencies and the Gov't of India,should not let this Fake MAN Nithyananda to manipulate them. Please, exercise JUSTICE:If he gets away, then there is no point of worship no longer. Nithyananda is a CONMAN and I am very happy that Lenin had the courage to do this:he did not think about him but the people who have been cheated. When he came to Canada( march 2009), he asked for I million dollars, within 9 months( DEC2009), as he needed the money to train 100 swamis……………what a BS. At that very moment,I realised that, he is only after money, and all my intuitions about the organistion and the conduct of his Swamis, were RIGHT. There may be many out there who would have experienced Nithyananda's manipulative behaviours and those young girls who have been raped, please put a side, "THE SHAME", and come forward and confess. The whole world will bow before YOU , if you do this, please DO Dharma for the WORLD. Swamis like Nithyananda , should be put away for GOOD and Hung as Swami Ram Dev said.Another INDIAN will come to KILL these so called Fake Swamis, so just watch YOUR BACK RAJESHAKAREN: lets see if your body Guard, GOpal, can Save you. Why are you hiding, if you are SIVA , Krishna as you often proclaim…………..only cowards hide.

  7. Ashok

    He is a ASSHOLE …he still thinks our people are fools …. its a shame they still call him swami … they should call him Asshole …

  8. Anonymous

    why dont u guys shut up till u get ur facts straight… shame on u for falling into the media trap u media zombies…not a single case exists because no such thing happened, the whole thing is a media hype… u fools, cant u see this happens to every hindu guru…who do u think is behind this… USE UR BRAINS A& THINK BEFORE TALKING

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