Nine songs in Ajiths Mankatha


Ajith’s upcoming film ‘Mankatha’, which would be the actor’s 50th film in a career spanning over 15 years, is awaited by fans with a bated breath and many can’t stop raving about Thala’s stubble making a return.

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We had already informed you about the song “Va da…Bin Lada”, an invitation to the trouble maker which was sang by Krish and Suchitra thanks to Yuvan for his rocking track.

Now the latest news is there would be a total of 9 songs in the film and Yuvan has recorded 3 songs already and completed the composing of the rest of songs. sources present at the song’s recording tells us all the songs will take everyone by storm like Yuvan’s previous films.

Trisha is playing the ladylove of Ajith in this movie. The huge cast of the film also include Action King Arjun, Anjali, Lakshmi Rai, Premji Amaran, Ashwin and Vaibhav.

The movie being produced by Dhayanidhi Alagiri’s Cloud Nine Movies was earlier rooting for a release on Thala’s birthday on May 1 and has been postponed for June release now has made the fans little disappointed.

Well!!!Thala late aa Vandhalum Latest aa Varuvaaru!!!



  1. Theriyadhavan

    Ayyo Thalayae thitita … yara adhu dei… Oru auto odakudadhu ra TN lae, Bus kolathungada…Ambulance se hospitalkku udamae traffic jam pannagada… Dei Vasin…. unnae summa udamataenda..

  2. cj

    wht is ur prob iyer’ae?? 
    wht will happen if the other caste ppl avoid u bhramins ?? dont try to seperate ppl by caste or language.

  3. Vasin

    Pakistan’oda sandai podrathuku namba ullara sandai potu practise pannanum. So Malayalees’ku oru kaatu kaatuvom!

  4. Vasin

    Yaaru seperate panna? Avruku Thamil leader’a irkara thaguthi illa so antha aspirations irka koodathunu sonnen. Thamilan’ku thaan Thamilan’oda prachna puriyum; conscientious’a purinjukanum; neraya vishayangal; including Thamilar’oda image; paarunga Rajnik enna kolathla TMK candidate’a meet pannaranu; Thamilar’a ottumothama kevala padutharanga. 

  5. stanly

    4or5 songs iruka mothe padam tharu maru flop agum ……….9songs na avlathan……..1sng 5mins ina kuda namba 3hrs movie la 45mins theatre velila poi dhum adikalam………………..

  6. stanly

    ajith thata nenga satharnama ve dance ada matinga 9songs la ina panuvinga…………….9songs luyum thala pola varuma mathri nadute irupingla

  7. Mayir Alagan

    Ajith is under pressure as Kavalan was a hit. Vijay is in safe hands now – Shankar and Mani Rathnum.Why no big directors are directing AK? Ajit should act for a Gautam script. I think two peters can behave like matured professionals. Ajit badly needs some quality content in his films. Gone are the days where audience used to watch films for heroes or protagonists. Just styles no logical screenplay and quality content will not work out. Billa was exceptional as it was a remake. Ajit can not just walk across screens and go thinking audience will for his look. There are much more handsome heores in the industry today. Scene by scene Ajith face on his films will not work out good for him. Share the screen space with fellow artistes and provide scope for others to act. An all-out Ajit film may not work out. There is no more RURAL or URBAN audience. All are same due to liberalization.

    Very soon, Salman Khan may act in a Tamil film. 🙂

    All the best, Ajith Kumar!

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