Nikita denies affair with Sandalwoods Darshan

Nikita Denies affair with Darshan

Remember Nikita who starred in films like ‘Kurumbu’, Chatrapathi and disappeared from Tamil films? After a long gap, she is currently acting in Cheran-Prasanna starrer Muran. The actress has steadfastly denied that she had any ‘affair’ going with popular Kannada actor Darshan. Incidentally, her denial of the so-called ‘affair’ comes a day after Darshan was arrested by the Bangalore Police on charges of assaulting and injuring his wife Vijayalakshmi.

“I am pained by all those rumours which appear in the press linking me with Darshan; there isn’t an iota of truth in them,” Nikita told presspersons. Darshan reportedly assaulted his wife physically before stabbing her more than once which led to her getting seriously injured and landing up in hospital for further treatment. Darshan and his wife are not on talking terms and their child is staying with Vijayalakshmi.

The Kannada press said that Vijayalakshmi was doubtful that her husband’s affair with his colleague Nikita might have been the reason for his assault on her. Nikita addressed the issue when he spoke to newsmen recently. “I’m just a friend and a co-star of Darshan. There is nothing more or nothing less to our relationship which is just a professional one.

“I’m already under severe depression after losing my father recently. I have problems aplenty to address both on the family and professional fronts. Rumours of such affairs are the least I wanted to face at this juncture,” said Nikita. Meanwhile, it is said that Darshan’s wife has withdrawn her complaint to the police.



  1. Smile

    Ellame mokkai padams.Who cares?Love na kalyanam panniko;love illaina pozhappa paaru.Famous nadigais love storiesaiye naanga kandukardhille,edhellam emathiram?

  2. Smile

    If it is true that Darshan really assaulted his wife,avana angaiye pottu naalu midhi midhichirkanum like how kovai Sarla handles Vadivelu.She did a good thing by handing him over to the police.Eppadi oru mirugathukku pondatiya erukardhavida,purushshane illainu nenaichu vazhalam…

    If he wants another woman,he can openly tell it to his wife and leave.Avangalavadhu(his wife)ozhinjadhu peedenu avanga vazhkaiya parkalam.Adha vittutu pombale mela Kai vekkiran pannada.Women have to be more courageous and not put up with these male chauvinistic pigs.We need women like Vijayalakshmi only then these men will have fear…

    Naana erundha kodhikira ennaiya mela oothivittirupean.Gokka Makka evalukkum prayojanam illama poidanum….

  3. frown

    who knows the truth. gals are always doubting their guys.. I suspect his wife must have tortured him for his friendship with Niktha which must have made him to take such steps. Nobody were able to prove their relation.

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