Nayanthara’s NP(Nayan-Prabhu) Gold chain Gift

Love affair of hot actress Nayanthara and Prabhudeva might be an old one,but fresh news keep dripping on and on. Following the recent rumour spread via the malayalam news channels saying Prabhu and Nayan got married in Kerala which the pair have denied.

Nayanthara's NP(Nayan-Prabhu) Gold chain Gift

The latest news on these love birds is that Nayanthara has gifted Prabhudeva with a costly diamond studded gold chain that with letters N (Nayanthara) and P (Prabhu Deva) encrypted in it which Prabhudeva has it round his neck.

It was known that Prabhu Deva, the father of two children and husband of the former dancer Ramlath fell in love with Nayantara during Villu shooting time after Nayanthara broke up with Simbhu. When news on both of them making frequent trips between Chennai and Mumbai they avoided the answer on the base as personal matter.

Now eagerly awaiting a official announcement from the either parties, as its been a year old talks going on this pair.!



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