Nayanthara Vacates Chennai Following No Chance in Tamil

nayanthara returns to mollywood

After getting frustrated after waiting for chances in Tamil film, Nayanthara has returned to the Malayalam film industry. Nayanthara also vacated the hotel room which she used to stay regularly and returned to her home town.

Nayanthara was one of the leading actresses in the Tamil film industry. She has also appeared in three films of Superstar Rajinikanth. She has also paired with Vijay and Ajith. In real life she joined hands with Prabhu Deva and lost her whole market. She also lost her appearance and no actor is ready to pair up with Nayanthara in the industry.

The only film which Nayanthara was acting now was ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’. The shooting for the film has also got over. Nayanthara has also not had any other bookings so far. At this instance, Nayanthara has decided to return to the Malayalam film industry. She has also vacated the hotel room in Chennai.

She will be acting in Malayalam Director Shyamaprasad’s film ‘Electra’. Let’s hope that Nayanthara once again makes a successful return to Kollywood.



  1. Anonymous

    This is a great example of how real life situations can ruin your career. hope nayan understood that now. and she should be glad her hometown is welcoming. poor nayan.

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