Nayanthara may commit suicide if I leave her – Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva - Nayanthara

Actor-Turned-Director Prabhu Deva has said that Nayantara cannot live without him and might commit suicide If he leaves her.

The hot beauty Nayanathara’s affair with Prabhu Deva becomes closer day by day.Sources revealed that both Prabhu and Nayantara have been living together without getting married.

The father of two children, Prabhu Deva fell in love with the actress during the shooting of film ‘Villu’.

Rumours of Prabhu-Nayanthara affair spread out when the actress tattooed capital letter ‘P’ above her wrist at a newly-opened tattoo lounge in Hyderabad. Nayanthara has gifted Prabhudeva with a costly diamond studded gold chain that with letters N (Nayanthara) and P (Prabhu Deva) encrypted in it which Prabhu deva has it round his neck.

Recently they were seen together in Director Siddique’s daughter marriage. Last heard, Prabhu deva had replied to a question on his alleged affair with Nayanthara that it was his ‘personal’ matter and nobody had any say in it.

More buzz on the issue is that Prabhu Deva’s wife, Ramlath, has requested few VIPs to advice Prabhu Deva to leave Nayanthara recently. When the VIPs approached Prabhu Deva, he had replied that it’s impossible to leave Nayan.

We have become very close to each other. Please don’t try separating us. If I leave Nayan, She definitely will commit suicide, without my presence she cannot live“, Prabhu Devai said.

At the end, the VIPs who had spoken to Prabhu Deva on that occasion left the place amicable solution between the husband and wife.



  1. Anonymous

    Come on!!

    This is stupid.

    She will just threaten Prabhu Deva, that she will become sucide.
    This is not a life in India to live like a "chinnu veedu"

    Actress.. tsk

  2. Aval.Thaan.Brandy

    She has not only Tattooed The letter P
    she has tattood "Prabu"
    lol.. dumb Girl!.
    Prabhudeva I looked up to him, as a rolemodel.. and what he did is plain stu*id!.

  3. Anonymous

    Prabu deva = stupid
    nayanthara = idiot
    these stupids and idiots are making others fools………
    these two r selfish people not concerned abt there own family…..they r jobless thats y simply creating tooo much sence and spoiling the term LOVE……..specimence:p

  4. Anonymous

    That is there personal life,no one has right to talk on that,when the stupid Simbu kept nayanthara and left,no VVIP went and compromise simbu.Now Nayan found love in prabhudeva,let them live ,what bothers you all….

    IF prakashraj can divorce his first wife and living with hindi choreographer girl,why shouldnt Prabudeva live with nayanthara.

  5. Anonymous

    hey………….y u guys r getting worried abt them..they r not our family and also not a virgin…………

  6. Anonymous

    You imagine the condition of nayanthara she was in the verge of suicide when simbu cheated her,the only person to console and understand her true feeling was prabudeva,so let them live.

    whoever it is ,please dont interfere in their personal life

  7. Anonymous

    evanume unga family ah paaka maatengale.. oor le evan enna seyrane pechu .. ponga pa .. ponga. avangala namaku soaru poda poranga? .. nambha pozhapa paarunga pa …

  8. Aval.Thaan.Brandy

    It's just our opinions, we have the right to talk! There not normal peoples, there known world wide!, and not like this is not true, IT IS TRUE!. It may be his personal wife, but where were you all whos saying thats his personal life when the tiger woods incident happend?. I didn't recall anyone stating that's his personal life!. If what Tiger woods did was wrong then what Prabhu Deva did is wrong too.. Not like he was divorced.. hes married with 2 kids!, Alot of peoples looked up to PrabhuDeva since there were kids and wanted to be like him, now I look at him like a peice of trash thats about to be picked up by the garbage man and taken to the dump! he means nothing anymore, Love is not wrong but being married and cheating on your wife and going after a Wh**3 like her, screw that! He doesn't even deserve that show they played b4 ..hmm.. Yaaru adutha prabhudeva? WASTE OF MY TIME! screw u prabhudeva screw u nayanthara! u both will not be together! trust me:).

  9. Anonymous

    i don't blame prabhu deva, he is a soft-hearted man that can't stand up much for himself..

    nayanthara…are u freakin kidding me?…you have the WHOLE world full of single guys, is it that hard to pick one single man? seriously, u need to stop black-mailing him..

    prabhu deva…if u agree with nayan and want to live with her instead, PLEASE, i repeat, PLEASE leave your actual wife, because there is no meaning to a relationship if you're not happy…your wife will be sad, but she will eventually understand.
    if you're just stuck with nayan, please take her to a psychiatrist…she needs counseling. now.

    i actually feel sorry for these people.. they are in the limelight and they are committing all these… that's creating controversies.. idk, they need to learn and try not to cheat, especially in a relationship. Look at the pic, they're both super self-conscious..nayan looks mad and looks like she is about to kill someone anytime soon…and prabhu deva just seems awkward.

    Weird. i know we shouldn't interfere in anybody's life.. but suicide is not an option.. it is just a way to black-mail.. after they say the black-mail over and over again, they might actually do it.. that's how bad it is.

  10. Anonymous

    adda chi yempa bedhia kellapuringa nayanthara prabhudeva mattarla thalayidaradhuku namma yaru?????????????????

  11. Anonymous

    wots up wid u gyl? ur r soooooo errrr…..havin relatioship wid a guy who already have 2CHILDREN
    UR a proper SLAG!!!

    awwww…i feel sorry for prabhu deva's wifee..poor her..havin husband lyk dis….DISGRACEFUL

  12. Anonymous

    a man with 2 kids and wife, should not spoil his morality by going after another woman. nayan is not orthy to b called a woman, becos woman means who makes family and not shatters family. she is the one ho shattered the family. i pity prabhudevas wife and kids for having such a unmoraled head in their family.

  13. alex

    Its none of our business to comment on others – no one is perfect – however i feel that both has to be more practical and think wise and behave as matured individuals.

  14. Anonymous

    prabudeva pls leave nayan, sooner or later you too guys will hate each other and go separate ways for sure, during that time prabudeva losts everything in life your loving wife may not want you

  15. Anonymous

    may be this is there personal matter…….. then why they act like as though they are nyanis and play good roles in movies?they are not cheating us instead living a false life for themselves… of course nobody is perfect but all are not like them mind that… don say things in common. This female has already had affair with one guy and came o prabhu… and this guy doesnt have sense at all when she can leave simbu.. how long will she take to leave this fellow and go hmmm? in no time she will do it.. but all she wants is money and fame tats it… when these people are not able to live a truthful life for themselves , let them not live in different roles for us.. we don need such an entertainment.. stupids.. because of people like this others are getting corrupted… if it is their personal matter then why it is coming to media? idiots

  16. Anonymous


  17. lord's servant

    according to biblical words… a man should divorce his wife, when she goes on wrong way… otherwise it is a big sin.. as per me divorce is itself a big sin then how come living with a women is right… prabhu sir you are in sin now… but lord is called as redemmer… he will save u.. if you drop it… so leave the relationship between you people right now you will be redeemed… mind it … your wife heart is dieing for whatever your doing… beware of it….

  18. hilarious

    what a surprise…she'll kill her self if he leaves her? so what happens to his wife and his children? what a comment…don't be finding excuses now…and is she that weak of a human being….or is he using that to stick with her….

  19. Angel

    simbhu u r in safer side….  u r a lucky man, that’s y u escaped….
    pavam PD 4 him 7 1/2 start. Wat 2 do, ramlath dont knw hw 2 keep his lover hus.
    but one thing wait ramlath, surely he will return. 
    within a yr nayan (9) will search some one n go. c wont stay.
    dont worry be patient….
    ur love is true he will come back.

  20. Rifka Zafir

    No you foooooool she might find another popular figure. she goes to hell for the curse of your children. they may be quiet now but the curseof the soul is going to punish her very quickly. will wait for it.

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