Nayanthara at Kamala theatre with Prabhudeva

Nayanthara was at Kamala theatre in Chennai with Prabhu Deva in her own simple designer style and when she was asked  you wear lots of necklaces and rings in movies, but off screen, you look simple. she said “I’m not a person who is into jewels. I wear chunky necklaces and danglers only if my role demands it. Otherwise, I don’t accessorise myself. In fact, I hate wearing necklaces. I’m not a gold person as well. I only wear a simple ring on my ring finger and a nose ring,” she says.

There are reports saying you will be accompanying Prabhu for his one month shoot of Santhosh Sivan’s Urumi in Malshej Ghats near Maharashtra, the actress just said “No comments



  1. anonymous

    u're right they are bloody bastards. prabhu deva has a wife who loves him and three children and he cheats her for this thing that only likes him for money.

  2. sunnath doctor

    that nayanthara is one whore! she likes only married men and she takes on their wealth. have you guys saw her interviews they way she talk is like as if shez a innocent fuzzy chick. but what she does in real life is just a prostitution.

    naayee thaara & pei theva thu mangangetaa dogs

  3. Sarath Kumar - RADAN

    <span><span>LOL!! where does my wife radhika come inbetween this topic.</span></span>
    <span><span>Still she  acts as if shez karpukkarasi and shows off like she & sarath made of eachother!! i heared she had 4 legal husbands?? 1st is one white man in london, 2nd that oldy Prem, then this sarath. whos the missing one?</span></span>

  4. Awsome reader

    i always laugh when they show ths movie idont rem the name of it. its where sarath & nagma pair and Radhika an official. they both sit together holding each other (bf/gf) and radhika looking at them. phew!

  5. tamilan

    radhika madam lovers list
    1. loosu paiyaan prathap pothen
    2. black mgr vijayakanth
    3. one white man
    4. atlast Nattamai Sarath

  6. abc

    no one knows what their personal life .. just dont comment unnecessarily .. the ones posting comments are really uthama puthiran or uthama puthiri . .. never had any love crush in your lives…huh? think & speak from your own side  who knows whats going on in their own individual personal lives .. just bcoz they are celebrities its visible outside thats all . if she loves one of you guys then who knows how many people will say no?

  7. Being human

    Nothing wrong in leaving their partner if marriage is not working and chosing another partner..but let it be legal and not with married man and these heroines life is not like ours.. they need a man who can adjust with their lifestyles.. its not that easy.. so dont blame radhika or aishwarya rai or who ever.. if they r not happy,any man/woman has the right to move out.. but dont spoil other's life..Radhika married a divorcee which is not bad.. put urself in their shoes..

  8. hilarious

    wow i was rdading it and i was like…um what happened to prabu deva and then the topic suddenly turned to radhika…quite some surprising news.

  9. shamy

    HAHAAHHAHAHHA ..that is all i could do when i read this ..LOL .. before we talk about other we betta look in us , this is exactly wat the comunitty is doing .. everyone is nto satified wiht all that they have , same goes to prabhu deva n radhika … but the same thing is goin on .. not satified with all the things that we own ! people should change n damn nayanthara , she is creating a havock in peoples life ..doom on her !!

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