Nayanthara and Prabhudeva hunt for new mansion before marriage

Nayanthara and Prabhudeva hunt for new mansion before marriage

When everyone is ushering in the October winds, there’s seems to be something missing in the air. BAAAM! We just got it …….dubii duuubii dooo wer are you, our dear Nayan and Prabhuuuuu….u…u.u..u. Well, after promising everyone with their marriage announcement to be held in September the dubious pair have yet again successfully managed to keep things all open yet personal. (Now that’s some trick we gott’cha  learn from you two.)

After speculations of them getting secretly married in Mumbai (remember Nayan catching a flight to spend some Kodak moments with hubby Prabhu in his amchi Mumbai apartment ) the hotlicious pair came out in the open stating , “nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but when it’ll be done we will be announcing the good news personally” (Yeah yaeh yeah…now tell us about it will ya). Howsoever Nayan has already started preparations right from the shooting days of her recent Telugu release Sri Rama Rajyam with her dieting ways, giving the blues to those who were present at the gala audio launch event of the movie. Now that she has done away with the movie commitments, the hot lass is busy hunting down a “HOME SWEET HOME” in the outskirts of Mumbai itself (Nayan what about Prabhu’s mansion, oh you dint like the shade of pink on the walls….No probs…) . She has been in touch with some of Prabhu’s close friends who are helping her out with the house hunting.

Choose your favorite one Nayan, and do make sure you have the right colored walls this time round.



  1. Smile

    Lovely saree in this still.Will they get married?It’s been a while since they announced.Everything else seems to be happening for them except marriage…..nadakkum aana nadakadhu 😀


    let them settle down…why u all intefering in other life… Nayanthra did not garbe ur husband or Prabudewa ddi not grabe ur wife…

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