Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva wedding in an island ?

Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva wedding in an island

It’s the dream wedding for some and a totally disgusting for many (..Yeah…Ramlll….ok leave it) .But any way who cares when the party hits the islands (Wohoooo! open the champagne, groove to the beats…n’ let the sea winds sing lullabies to you… in bright full moon nights…was that enough…or you need just a li’l more romance…go catch a movie bro….oh forgot no new releases this Friday).

Coming back to the story, sources report that Kollywood diva Nayanthara has got herself a cute island in Kochi. Earlier there was news about Nayan going house hunting in amchi Mumbai with Prabhudeva’s close friends. Howsoever Prabhu couldn’t make it for the house hunt owing to the busy work schedules. But Nayan was totally ok with this, as she does understand very clearly the nature of her hubby-to-be’s demanding profession. She recently went on a trip to Kochi town and took a boat ride to this small island nation and on first look (Just like she fell for….Gawd…) decided to put her green flag on the island. Prabhu was happy to gift Nayan this lovely piece of land with all those lovely coconut trees waiting to welcome the lovely couple.

Now that she owns a beautiful piece of land right in the middle of the ocean, rumor mills suggest that friend Prakash Raj is busy making arrangements for a big Fat Island wedding for our star couple.



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