Nayantaras sexy mole to be hidden in Sri Ramarajyam

Nayanthara in Sri Rama Rajyam

Some time back, it was reported in these columns that actress Nayantara bid a tearful farewell to the crew members of her last (or latest?) Telugu film ‘Sri Ramarajyam’. The actress, who is all set to get married to Prabhudeva soon, had played the role of Goddess Sita in the period film. The film’s shooting was held amid widespread protests in Tamil Nadu against Nayan playing the role of ‘holy’ and ‘revered’ Sita after breaking a family (Prabhudeva’s) in real life.

Nayan went ahead and completed her assignment. She reportedly subjected herself to some hard ‘penance’ for playing the holy character of Goddess Sita in the film by staying away from non-vegetarian food till the film was completed. Tollywood’s Balakrishna has played Lord Ram in the film, which is a remake of the Telugu film ‘Lava Kusa’ which starred the legendary NTR in the lead.

The sincerity and dedication with which Nayan worked in the film didn’t fail to impress all, especially Babu, the film’s director. When it comes to showing her face in the film, Babu had reportedly told her at the time of signing the agreement itself that her mole just above the upper lip would have to be covered ‘using graphics’ as it gave her a sexy look and wouldn’t jell with the role she was to play in the film.

Now that the film’s shooting is over, the works is on to hide Nayan’s ‘sexy mole’ above the upper lip. Nayan had always told her close friends in the industry that she considered this mole as her ‘lucky mascot’. The ‘mascot’ would surely be missing in ‘Sri Raamarajyam’; wouldn’t be compensated up by the holiness of the role she plays in the film?



  1. Vasin

    Naan ongla pathi thappa elthala; I just say we shouldn’t read our epics with reasons; you and Archana are attacking me; you don’t concentrate enough on what I said.

  2. Smile

    Edhu naanga attack panroma?Neenga pesardhe waste.Adha vera nanga concentrate pannanumo??Sathan vedham odhardhu.Adha nallavanga kekanumnu avasiyam illai.Unga kollgaigale neengale vechikonga.Vazhga valamudan.Aala vitta podhumda saami…

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