Nayantaras Effigy Burnt in Chennai

Nayantara Effigy burnt

Prabhu Deva’s wife Ramalath alias Latha , the mother of two children filed a petition with Chennai’s family court on Monday, requesting a reunion with her husband and stating that she was unwilling to go in for a divorce. The court has posted the case to November 23rd. Prabhu Deva is reportedly holding discussions with his lawyers and father Sundaram to give a counter to Ramlath’s petition.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Ramalath had threatened to go on an indefinite hunger strike if her husband married Nayantara.

A day after filing the petition, several women’s organizations conducted a protest against at Thirumangalam, Chennai on Tuesday, to express their displeasure over Nayanthara luring Prabhu Deva away from his wife Ramlath. The women’s groups , during their agitation Tuesday morning, also burnt an effigy of Nayantara and raised slogans against her for “bringing disrepute to Tamil culture”.

Jansi Rani Magaleer Paadhugappu Sangam’s head Kalpana told the reporters that the agitations would continue till the issue is resolved. “Ramalath hails from a middle class family and we are behind her. She and her sons will become orphaned if Prabhu Deva deserts her for Nayantara. We will show black flags to Nayantara wherever she goes”, she added.

Prabhu Deva and Nayantara were reportedly planning to get married shortly. Latha has accused Nayanthara of preventing Prabhu Deva from giving anything to her and her children (Rishi Raghavendra Deva and Aadit Deva) for their survival. Prabhu Deva’s parents, who supposedly never liked Latha, had encouraged the “illegal relationship” and joined hands with Nayantara to harass and torture her, she alleged.

Stating that she has been subjected to serious mental agony and torture by such reports Latha alleged that Prabhu Deva is deserting his family and neglecting her and their two children. “Even for monthly expenses Prabhu Deva is not giving any money,” Latha said, accusing Nayanthara of preventing him from doing so.

Latha married Prabhu Deva in the year 1995. It was a “love-cum-arranged” marriage, she claimed. The couple has three children. Their first son, Basava Raju alias Vishal, passed away from cancer in 2008.

Latha said that whenever Prabhu Deva visited his house Nayanthara would call him up and pull him away. Even when his son passed away, Prabhu Deva, at Nayanthara’s insistence, left the place the very next day. Worse still, she revealed that lately Nayanthara would directly call her, demanding her to accept their relationship and to give her consent for their marriage.

It has been a difficult time for this family.



  1. Rachu

    Bitch Nayanthara …….why this type of ladies exist …..I donno whether Latha is being a good wife or not ,but its Prabhu deva’s duty to take care of his kids and wife …..Instead he is going behind another woman . Shame on him .

  2. yeah!

    ban nayanthara!!! she is one shame for “women” latha dont give up.

    have seen that nayanthara’s ntervies on tv headweight, ava kandippa phone panni iruppa. disgusting creature

  3. Anonymous

    prabhu deva’s dad should be hit also. jus bcos they dun like their daughter-in-law can jus support some illicit relationship is it? if they have a daughter then they would know how it would be to get dumped by the husband! ramalath is a muslim and she converted against her religion for prabhu deva! and still his parents dun like her? every1 knows nayan is a bitch who slept with simbhu! but jus bcos they are not in gd terms with ramalath they are even ready to accept a pros****** as their new daugther-in-law! feel like spitting at their face! and they even had a show called ungalil yaaru adutha prabhu deva? so the next prabhu deva will also cheat his wife like the original one!! wat kind of fu*ked up family!!

  4. 25

    prabhudeva,nayanthara,sundaram and prabudeva’s mom should be punished severely. en kaila kidachangana avanga gaali rascals

  5. MK

    Prabhu Deva learn from ur elder brother on how to run family. What is ur age and running after bitch 9. Unga veetula ungam amma appa unna serupala adikalaiya.  Ellathulayum avasram.

    9 what ur mom n dad taught you. To grab other people’s hubby is it. People will be laughing at u behind ur back. ALready u with everyone.

    Prabhu Deva n 9 remind me of Balu Mahendra and Shoba. Why dont u die like Shoba did then spoil a family

  6. Sunny me

    Lol, You all seem to be giving ure opinion too freely. First of all look into ure houses and see if u treat women properly. And as for this issue its their own family problem and whts the point of burning nyan’s effigy. And what does this ramlatha want anyway. I think she shd get some settlement and get the guy to pay the children’s fees and pay for their welfare. Prob, she tortured him a lot, emotional blackmail as she is doing now and prob did, No wonder the man went out and had an affair, and with a hot chic who wudnt. Really i’m so sick of this culture and society! You all are too ready to condemn a women far too freely than the man himself. Some things never change. If that women truly loves her husband, may be she could let him live peacefully. I truly admire that prakash raj’s wife. Now there is a good women for you! Accept life and get on with it.

  7. anonymous

     I like latha fighting on this …. but by chance if he comes back leaving 9 , i dont think they will again happily ( latha and Deva ) . He will always hav tat vengence in his mind tat latha split him and 9.
    i feel she should fight , stop their marriage but again leave him alone. tat is the best lesson for him…
    Idhuvum ila ma adhuvum ilama prabhudeva thavikanum….

  8. Beasant nagar

    oh brother! you are not aware of prabu deva’s brother, he ditched Simran royaly and settled with some 1 else now. Poor Simran she suffered a lot.

  9. OMG

    same thing with jennifer aniston and brad pitt, with angelina jolie being nayanthara; plus botj are hot. Prabhudeva is a very lucky man, you know he is

  10. Nayanthara

    Prabhu deva better u go n stay with latha n enjoy ur life…

    ponnugana ena avlo simple a pocha mariathaya poi latha kuda sera valiya paaru…

    nayanthara unaku arivu illa … latha nilayamylu irunthu nenachu paaru ava evlo kasta paduvanu…

    prabhu deva u r not feel guilty to leave ur wife n ur children simply… Think twice Act wise…

  11. for nayathara bitch

    nayathara nee ethana peru kuda tha irrupa……….better u buy a machine………appa than un asai nadkum…..athu enndi aduthavaga purusa mela aspadurathu  oru trendaa……nanthara mother fucker….unga vetuliyu ippadi thana……….

  12. Nayanthara Saniyane

    You are completely trying to spoil the tamil culture. She is a bullshit, no one can support this uncultured dog. She is still alive even after her name spoiled with other actor with lots of photos dispursed in net.

    Even if Latha gets divorced, prabhu deva should be punished in women harrassement section. He has runied a life of his wife who completely believed him.
    Indha madhiri porriki rascals e summa ve vida koodadhu.
    If this relationship is accepted, then thats the end of our culture. and we all should be ready to face the similar things all through our tamilnadu..
    indha nayandhara nayee adichu verattanum.

  13. Nayanthara Saniyane and prabhu porrikki

                          “Really i’m so sick of this culture and society”.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What do we call something as culture…changing the life partners just for the flesh??? That even street dog does..
    So if a woman loves her husband, she should sacrifice her life for that bullshit husband.. I accept that she can sacrificce by killing that useless husband.

  14. David

    No one is going to spend for others life if they suffer. No one is having the right to interfere in other’s personal life.  It is their life, they are not a children, they know very well what they have to do? Nowadays if husband leaves wife, wife is not worrying for the husband’s love and affection, but they bother about money and property and asking the husband to pay compensation in a court of law to relieve from their worries. Is it true affection, if there is true affection it will never split? By thinking about other’s life we are spoiling our life. 

  15. Vasin

    If Latha cannot maintain an acceptable appearance and sex appeal she deserves it; she looks like a fat pig; Deva is right to go after an Nayan; Nayan is not wrong in choosing someone who is practially divorced. 

  16. Chandran

    It is true, but prabu deva could have encouraged his wife to be in shape and to make her some changes where life can be smooth. After all these years of marriage and having children, it’s not a husbandly manner to leave his wife just because she looks bad. There are so many couples living a happy life despite being in bad appearances. Don’t they love eachother? There are so many stories in this world for true Love* But I know it’s easier said than done, but also he could have thought about her children atleast. Same with Prakash Raj. I had so much respect for him. It really hurts when the people you really admire do something like this. May God be with Latha and bring Deva back to his senses.

  17. shakthi

    Awesome… I agree this really.. 
    how many men who is supporting latha will step forward if they are in prabudeva’s shoes getting a nice figure like nayanthara.. the answer is NONE????
    i think this latha was really torturing prabudeva and thats why he went to nayanthara .. 

  18. Vasin

    No Chandran; you do not marry to teach or encourage; its your and wife’s responsibility to remain sexy; if you teach the thrill is gone; you cannot get it up; then also the wife would blame you can’t do it well.

  19. usha

    hi vasin. if ur wife puts on weight after marriage will u ditch her? or if ur mom or sister gain weight will u keep quiet if their husbands dump them? wat kinda values are u trying to cultivate in our already-gone-case society?

  20. usha

    if there is real love this would not have happened! there’s nothing wrong in conveying our thoughts to our partners and tell them how we would wan them to be! both shld have the heart to accept and change for the sake of our partners! we shld compromise in life! even if our partner doesnt change, there is no reason to dump them! outerlook is only temporary! wat if nayan gets accident and gets a disfigured face? will prabhu deva dump her?

  21. guy

    similarities btwn prakash raj and prabhu deva: both sought another woman’s company after the lose of one child.
    difference btwn prakash raj and prabhu deva: prakash raj was at least smart enough to come public abt his affair after the divorce of his wife. but prabhu deva is soooo damn stupid to maek public appearances and dig his own grave! can even accept an award for himself and his bitch? for wat f*ck?

  22. guy

    well said usha! anyway prabhu deva looks like a monkey also. his wife should find someone better looking than him first.

  23. Vasin

    Hi Usha

    The two most important people for a man are his mother and his wife; he loves his mother because of the selfless love she gave him for say 25 years; then his wife takes over; his wife is his equal; his victory in life; his pride; so she has the duty to put in maximum effort to retain her physque, energy, intelligence, career advancement, social respect and sex appeal; I do not know much of womans’ minds but for modern men sexual capacity and appearance are very important; if she cannot retain it then the husband will feel like a looser; I guess the same is true from the wife’s view too; you would not want to finish your life as a looser; so you move on to try to win.

  24. Vasin


    I have never experienced real love so I do not know about it. Compromising? if you really try hard it alone will satisfy your partner! Requesting your partner? Come on mate! your partner must spend at least half an hour a day to ponder over what you want and expect of him; if not he is lazy and disrespectful so he would ask you ‘What you want? That is no good at all mate.

  25. Vasin

    I am already married and am a typical Indian; I can’t do it; but our younger generation should be bold and move on; living your life for others is not worth; west is right.

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