Nayantara to continue acting post marriage

Nayantara to consider acting post marriage

Nayantara to continue acting post marriage

Contrary to her earlier decision not to continue to act in films after her impending marriage to Prabhudeva, actress Nayantara might have a rethink on the decision to stay away from the world of films.

Nayantara and Prabhudeva have been in love with each other right from the making of the film Villu more than a couple of years ago. The fact that Prabhudeva has officially divorced his first wife Ramalat has come as a shot in the arm for the preparations for the marriage of the couple scheduled to be held early next year.

After wrapping up the last day’s shooting of her la(te)st Telugu film Sri Raamarajyam a couple of months ago, Nayan bid a teary farewell to the crew and members of the Unit with whom she had been working for the past few months. This ‘farewell’ led the press and others to believe that she might quit films after her marriage to Prabhudeva. The film, incidentally, released last Friday is receiving good reviews.

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It appears that Prabhudeva was not too willing to let Nayan continue to act after their marriage. A Kollywood film co-ordinator, who had been to Kerala, had a chance meeting with Nayantara. When he spoke to her, he casually asked her whether she had any idea of starring in Tamil films in the near future.

Instead of saying that she had quit films, Nayan is reported to have told that she wasn’t in any mood to star in films for the ‘time being’. This has obviously raised the expectations of millions of fans of the actress that she might make a ‘comeback’ soon.



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