Nayantara tattoo Prabhudeva

Nayantara seeking cosmetic help to erase the tattoo?

Nayantara tattoo Prabhudeva

When in love, one hardly bothers about other things in life and moves forward in his or her own zone. Only when he/she is besieged by problems when the love affair doesn’t proceed or culminate the way the individual wishes, problems start creeping up one by one. Many a time, the individual is even made to regret the very act of having ‘fallen in love’ mindlessly.

Nayanthara’s case appears to be exactly on these lines. The actress, who has split from ex-beau Prabhudeva with whom she had a ‘steady’ relationship lasting more than three-and-a-half years, is finding it very difficult mentally and physically to erase the memories of her affair with him. In particular, she is finding the tattoo on her hands which bear Prabhu’s name very irritating and disturbing.

She has reportedly sought the help of cosmetic surgeons to erase the tattoo completely. The tattoo was affixed on her hands soon after she finished Villu opposite Vijay, a film which was directed by Prabhudeva. It is widely believed that during the making of this film, the actress fell in love with the director. Nayan went to the extent of affixing a tattoo, which no leading heroine would do in view of her successful career as an actress.

Nayan is said to be telling her close friends that she did a ‘blunder’ by getting his name tattooed on her body. She is reportedly in serious consultation with cosmetic surgeons and beauticians to know how to erase the tattoo completely. She is even ready to undergo plastic surgery if the need arises and is said to be wanting to take the tattoo off before she starts shooting for her ‘comeback’ film in Tamil opposite Ajith.


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