Nayantara proclaims she is admant

Nayantara proclaims she is admantKollywood queen Nayantara proclaims that she has this real adamant thing about her. Nayan says, “When I have made my mind that I want something I really make it a point to get it, by hook or by crook.” (Now tell us about it…he…he) She says, “I have always worked my mind across things and all the decisions I make are solely mine. Even if someone else suggests me to rethink over it or change it I won’t do that since once I have made up my mind it’s hard to change things.”


Howsoever the beautiful heroine does regret just a little bit for her uncompromising attitude as she has had her share of losses in the process.(Really…?)Nevertheless Nayan is happy with the way things have turned out and has her eyes set to the bright future lying ahead. Speaking about her future, the hot lass and her hubby-to-be Prabhu Deva have been making plans for a Mumbai marriage discarding Chennai from their venue. Soon after, the hot and happening pair plans to settle down in Singapore.

Kudos to Prabhu Deva!, for choosing a glamorous and a headstrong wife.





  1. june

    Yeah we know you’re adamant, we can just ask ramlath….anyway we can’t do anything about it now….have a nice marriage

  2. Vasin

    why does’nt anybody speak about the alimony which Ramlath received after which there is no news abt her? I feel all the commotion from her was for this!

  3. Smile

    Its good to be adamant on certain issues but not all.Nyayam, dharmamanu onnu erukku.Our decisions should not affect others lives in an adverse manner.As what June said,too late now…

  4. june

    she wanted to get married quickly because prabhu suggested she leave the cine industry just to be aware of any other problems that can sprout against their marriage

  5. june

    love, or attraction in this case is like a rock, when you bring too close to your eyes it seems like it is the biggest thing in the world and it blocks your view of everything else, but if you move it slightly away you’ll see the reality of it, what to do, life is a mistake but it sure is fun

  6. june

    you are right, there are lot of modern girls and women who need to embrace they don’t need men to survive while preserving their dignity but parents, and grandmothers will always pick at them…they’ll probably decide it will be better to marry some guy than have to listen to the vethalapodra paatti

  7. june

    hey man, it’s cool to voice your opinion but i think people are people, i don’t see them divided between race, gender, and such. They should maintain their dignity while being independent. Freedom and vulgarity are very close together, and people can get confused. The only thing you should follow is when you die there should be someone there to cry for you, and even after your death someone should benefit from you, for example donating some of your properties to orphanages or something. Life would be so much safer if people were in this mindset but since we’re humans and everyone is imperfect we have to grit our teeth anyhow, whatever live for yourself but maintain dignity is my policy, nice comment btw vasin

  8. Vasin-June-Smile

    Firstly of All, Kollygtalk viewers for your information, This Vasin,June and Smile were all created by Admin and same people. Just they are triggering others to write more comments….

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