Nayantara postpones marriage and signs up Telugu film


The cat is finally out of the bag. The much-awaited marriage between actress Nayantara and her beau Prabhudeva is not likely to take place in the near future. The actress, who is a busy star in Tamil and Telugu films, hasn’t been taking up any new assignments in both these languages paving way to speculations that she’d be marrying and settling down in matrimony.

After announcing last year that Sri Rama Rajyam would be her ‘last’ film before marriage, Nayantara has gone ahead and signed up a new film opposite Nagarjuna. The taking up of the new film offer by the actress is seen as the culmination of the many apprehensions and misunderstandings the couple has had over the past many months. By deciding to act again, Nayan’s (in)direct message is that the marriage won’t be there for the next few months.

Nayan has already starred in Boss-I Love You as Nagarjuna’s heroine and as such, the new film would be her second film with him. The untitled film would be directed by Dasarath and is touted as a ‘pure romantic story’ sans any filmy contents. The shooting of the film, however, might start only during the month of May. The film would have music by Devi Sri Prasad.

Producers and directors across Kollywood and Tollywood have not got a clear message from Nayantara that she’s open to film offers. This puts Prabhudeva in an unenviable position as he might have to explain to his close friends and others as to what went wrong in his relationship with the actress which reportedly made her change her mind about the proposed marriage and go back to acting.


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