Nayantara plays Draupadi

Nayantara plays Mandodari in Ram Gopal Varma’s Ramayana

Nayantara plays Mandodari

A few months back, the media was full of reports of actress Nayantara breaking down at the shooting spot on the last day of the shooting of her la(te)st Telugu film Sri Rama Rajyam in Hyderabad. The actress, who is all set to tie the nuptial knot with Prabhudeva, had made it clear that her role as Sita in the film would be her last hurrah in the film industry as an actress and that she would quit films after the film.

Released a couple of months back, Sri Raama Rajyam turned out to be a hit film. Nayan then went on record saying that she hadn’t yet ‘quit’ films and might decide to star in movies again which led the press speculate that the marriage might be postponed. She has now reportedly agreed to star in maverick director Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film Ramayana in the role of Mandodari, wife of the monster king Raavan.

Prabhudeva is said to have given his ‘green signal’ to Nayan to star in the film. RGV’s idea of casting Nayan in the film was borne after Sri Raamarajyam became a hit and he thought upon the idea to make a film that would view ‘Raamayana’ in a different light. RGV felt it’d be better to cast the original ‘Sita’ in this film so that his depiction of characters is recognized and patronized by the public.

It is also said that though Prabhudeva was apprehensive at the beginning, he gave in to the relentless pressure applied on him by RGV. Telugu superstar Nagarjuna plays Raavan in the film while Nayantara plays his wife Mandodari. As Raavan and Mandodari are the lead characters in the film, RGV has decided to cast little-known or stage artistes in the roles of Lord Ram and Sita.


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