Nayantara plays Draupadi

Nayantara plays Draupadi in Nartanashala

Nayantara plays Draupadi

After winning accolades by playing the revered Sita in her latest Telugu film titled Sri Rama Rajyam, it appears that actress Nayantara is all set to to one up by playing Draupadi in an upcoming Telugu film. After announcing a month ago that she had ended her relationship with Prabhudeva and was returning to films, offers to act in Telugu and Tamil films have been literally flooding Nayanthara.

Nayan faced lot of criticisms while playing Sita as some objected to her playing the role while in real life she was about to ‘take over’ another woman’s husband (Prabhudeva). Notwithstanding the criticisms, she went ahead and did the film opposite Balakrishna who played Lord Ram in the film which went on to become a box-office hit. Nayan’s role as Sita came in for special praise from the critics as well as movie-goers.

Balakrishna is reportedly planning to cast Nayan again in an epic. Sources close to him say that this time, Balakrishna might make Nayan play the role of Draupadi, wife of the Pancha Pandavas in the filmy version of the epic Mahabharat. A few years back, Balakrishna had reportedly launched the film and shot for a few days with Soundarya in the lead role of Draupadi. As the actress unfortunately met with a fatal air-crash, the film was shelved.

The film is now being resumed with Nayan stepping into the shoes of the late Soundarya in the role of Draupadi. The film has been titled Nartanashala and might soon go to the floors. It remains uncertain, though, as to which role would Balakrishna be playing.


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