Nayantara in Tamil remake of Fashion Hindi Movie


Well everyone wants to know about her movie career further, much more so after she slashed reports that she will not be doing anymore movies as reported by some media sources.

Recently Nayanthara was present for a screening of her first Kananda film Super in Hyderabad. Rockline Venkatesh and Upendra had arranged a special show for the sweetie at the Prasad theatre.A close friend to Nayan who was accompanied her tell us, a Mumbai based company is repeatedly trying to get in touch with her as they can’t think of any substitute for the role in the remake of a Hindi movie titled Fashion to be made in Tamil. Bollywood hottie Priyanka Chopra did the role for the Hindi version.

Valentines Day is around the corner and all we know about the Prabhu – Nayan duo is that they are just getting busier with their professional commitments with everyday.

For more updates on Nayan keep riding on the Kollytalk train, you will soon receive a confirmed announcement of the project.



  1. raj

    sure nayan is only actress to do tat role perfectly n others cant…..she wil b apt 4 it as said by saamy………

  2. guru

    we need nayan in dat movie since others cant even do justice 4 it espcially tamannah,trisha,shreya…………..

  3. killadi

    plz dnt let her act she is a B**** stealing others husband. one day prabhu will leave her tat day will be the happest day for prabhu ex wife

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